How long  now?  Have you

Not completed this gruelling

Dirge?  Heaven has closed

Her eyes; Hell frozen over

Demons don wicked disguise

As they cross the border, seeping

Over as wilful marauders


Visitation of Truth; brings one

So bold, as Poet.  Happenings concurred

Since energetic, enthusiastic youth

Emotions and feelings become exquisite

Poe’sy humbles; enjoined to Word

Her master.  Listening intently, careful

Not to stumble

So averting unmitigated disaster


Street lifes not such a brilliant idea

Encouraging the young ‘below the salt’

Pursuit of badness, having no fear

Seeking another in whom to find fault

Urbanism: Satan’s way f’e t’ek control

Cheap trap; a novel way to suck you in

Ulterior motive, capture your soul

Inviegling your giving in, to sin


Same t’ing a-gwaan, nutton really change

Time run an’ pass, everybody singular

Man an’ man, no time to rearrange

‘Dem life, before they ‘ketch hell-fire

Y’u see?  When you involve inna darkness

It becomes difficult to see clearly

Oh! For Jahlove with sweet caress

And against wickedness, pure immunity


Me s’ey: when y’u see I, y’u see Jah-jah

Not the wicked drinking Babylon wine

Only Jah-Jah children survive on-yah

Receiving FarI-power m’ek we divine

‘Sign o’ the times,’ destruction revealed

Eat-up Bible, stand firm: Truth and Rights

Babylon kno’a!

Ca’an hear!  Must bloodclaat feel

Jah-vengeance line-up; inna HIM sights

Fire bu’n Wickedheart, children suffered

Unleash Selassie I Wrath; judgment!  Oppressor

Time come!  Feel Jah-Jah as life departs

Blessed be The Most High

Unto HIM all glory is given