Inescapable Trauma:

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Spotlight: myriad convoluted war theatre
Death exhorts ominously privileged spaces
Surpassing: Afghanistan, Iraq, even Africa
Inconsequential disputes between avaricious
Races; pockled aberration mimics feuding
Stars. No-end to destruction played-out
Fields adorned in evidenced, evil caresses
Sanctified life they so frivolously flout
He stared defiantly, straight through
Shimmering blue vacant islet pools
Gone! A figment of yester-year misconstrued
Grieving memory, written-up for disbelieving
Fools; celebrating fleeting media-glorified
Heroes. Incalculably lost inebriated sorrow
Stadia-eulogised co-rehearsed semblanced grottos
Dedicating solitary minute-silences
Fruitlessly rewarding absentee tomorrows
As per usual: hell broke loose
Vehicle triggered front side fissure
Murderous I.E.D.’s catastrophic abuse
Frenzied, mindless destructive tenure
Spinning non-discriminatory death
Dealing creature; pinned his brother
Fastened to brick-hybridised concrete
Soldered in blood, an axle his butcher
Bodily amputations resemble slaughtered meat
Voyeurs witness familiar chaotic scenes
Comrade lost; sheer broken hysteria
Institutes instant howling riposte
Eyes transfixed on jagged-edged glinting
Steel, haphazardly constituting opportunist
Weaponry, a; careering wheel
Revolving with awesome ferocity
Members strewn; stream-curdling
Claret-congealed spattered hotness
Fizzing blind hypnotic velocity
Sickening fly-speckled, mingled blackness
Humanity progressed divine retributive
Management; mapping historical pillars
Horror-scoped plots negligibly coursed
Improvement, mankind accredited
Debilitating scars; destroyed untold
Collections of animal species
Mutilated earth: depleted natural
Resources, constricting support systems
Heedless to unwavering catastrophic sequences
Planet ceaselessly weeping, inhabitants
Witness infinite, merciless cruelty
Rivers annually swell, to bursting
Sea-level’s unstoppable rise precariously
Floods an irreparably wounded globe
Life’s ebb slithers soiled, frazzled consciences
Substituting gloomy pervasive concerns
Steeped introspective psychologic references

Cally Bantan CPT:

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Yes Lion! Majestical Bantan
We kno’a JAH invisible
Still! Thou art man
Visit Ireation; something
Wicked, dreadful and terrible
Reversed production plan
Reluctantly, they begrudgingly
Overstand; Living Word
Intervened: lovingly taking hand
Make no mistake! Proving everyone
In throes of Revelation
This ghetto champion paved Our way
Fly dreadlocks! Grace Mount ZionI
Angels with instruments: sweet music do play
Giving thanks and praise; blessings of The Most High
Ras mash-up Babylon, it’s totally wrecked
See! You’re in stars, virtuously bedecked
Enjoin JAH-JAH spirit; flesh-I-Cally cease
Receive Holy, most Righteous release
Yes! My illustrious Bantan
Look now! Reach victory gate
Longtime rootsman: brethren Dan
Pon these lyrics, mindfully meditate
Wearing Selassie I seal; NyahbinghI Order
Never see One, so much zeal, cross the border
Carry Rasta further; over mystical seas
Wicked wa’an charge f’i murder
Haile Nyah! Secure eternal peace
Bless the great Cally Bantan
True, everliving Rastaman

Dave Brown: aka. Spyda, CPT

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Love is: time-worn fabric
Enmeshed years of Our lives
Living eternal struggle
Never shirking trials
Brave, in face of trouble
Many a’ time pass through fire
Sharing joys:enveloping society
Achieving life’s precious desire
Securing Our future
Souls in perpetual unity
Ras Benji
Memories of good things
Revoke any hurt
We may endure
I remember You
Born a’ England
True Jamaican
In your heart
Island never far
From your thought
So live forever
You born everyday
In March my brother
Read you’ Bible too
Think them kno’a you
Never know You still
True man of freewill
And progressive thinking
Liv-up Daddy Spyda!

X-rated: Backshot 2008.

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Breathing excitedly, very fast
A heaving, subsiding chest
Garrulous, belligerent hands grasp
Full ebony, bulbous breasts
Silhouetted in window-framed moonlight
Front-fitting shape, snugly gloved blind
Pressing naked insistent black flesh
Too tight, besides themselves with fever
Out of their minds
Wiltened and moistened, perspiringly
Glistened. Wriggling and sliding
Full rounded buttocks, probing and searching
To enter the paddock; easing receptive slack
Entering an inviting sack.
Pressing and poking, while doors tentatively
Open; slipping and stroking, sloppy wet
Resistance submits, is broken
Mounting from an unprotected rear
Quickly, slickly into practised gear
Thrust and squishily slide, puss has
Not blessed place to hide: push
Penetratingly and force, carefully guide
” Now, my ruffled audience, watch the ride.”
Jamming and slamming, wanton and ramming
Squidging, squishing, sluicing and slurping
Hungry, moist purple-sheened lips
Sheath and encase a thick brown log
In a gloved grip; thudding and thrusting
Like a thumping piston: deeply down,
Into similitudes of the salty ocean
Delving deep into bubbling hot slush
Bucking and opening wide; taking more
Than enough. Evenly paced, anxiously quick
Filling cupped space, having a satiated dip
Bodies wrapped in sensuous erotica. Totally
Engaged mindblowing fever; riding and stabbing
Virile stud in operation; clasping and soaking
A mare in total submission
Steady rhythmic thrusting; controlled
Fit to bursting. Balled, wide open
Sucking and receiving; pushing upwards to meet him
Sounds choreograph naked fullfillment
Upwards to half, fullbodied naked excitement
Sunk, in hot gushing, sticky fluids
Drunk: in oozing, slushing, carnal liquid
Straddling and covering, heated sap rising
Twitching and shooting in a crevice
Close to subsiding; locked in a struggle
Squeezing out every last drop; withdrawing
In spent exertion, pulling away
From cream-spattered piss-flaps
HY. Roodbwoy Poetry, no apology.


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Writing these words for that woman
Whilst ogling those voluptuous breasts
Making sure the record has shown
A picture; revealing You to be the sweetest
Perfection of just-ripe fruit; still
Hanging on over-laden trees, in attractive
Beauty, silently swaying in the breeze
Tempts to imagine juice springing from
First bite, seen as it flows
Soaking a face reflecting clear light
Enticingly full: overflowing, bursting
With sap; surprisingly close enough
My arms around to wrap. Smothering
Essence, enveloping space, spinning
Absolute patience, absorbing your grace
A vision of aesthetics
Smouldering in beauty’s prime
Forcing One to covet, although
Committing crime. You beguile me
Control my very being, coerced
Repetitive smiles
Make me feel so dizzy; zealous for
Attention; desire to a point of want
Oblivious to all dissension, a root
That bears no plant. In gratitude
I pen this ode; tribute to her dazzling
Looks. Extolling serene platitudes
Like spring flowers beside a brook

Ethiopia and Rome Are Here: circ 2012.

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Balthazar totally convinced; surely

Caesar impinged citation’s

Glory.  This is to Be!  Greatest vision

Ever since, after Sheba’s Solomonic divinity

Four-hundred and thirty years persuasion

Thought derived through man; righteously golden

His companions wholly residual reservation

Frittered; absolved solvency evidenced

Fleetingly furrowing time’s imputations

Swiftly burrowing Christ shrine’s indulgence

prophesied reigning; born in a manger

The King of all kings instituted

Consolidating fast approaching star

Travelled four and a half centuries

Tiberius a confirmed degenerate

Entertained nymphal boys, off little Capri

Disdained purple, hellbent habituates

Unholy Roman inscribed infamy

recorded for ‘posterial’ defeat

Predicted in sky-verifying Truth

Ordained eternity for David’s seat

Discrepant holy empire posed

Wicked, discrepant root

Luther explained: cannot buy forgiveness

Papal bulls, invariably, carry horns

Situate History; Vatican slackness

Ad: desecrated church demonized, shorn

Unceasingly compelled opposition

Unscrupulously immoral: mustard gas

Mussolini and that accursed mission

Blessed by Pope Paul, in a demon hat.

HY: 1930 Coronation; David’s Seat.

Thinking Of Sarah: without success

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And what a time for a silent

Rendezvous, eating chips whilst

Celebrating some inaugural daily

Event: ” and to-day is National

Have A Shit day!”  Everyone will

Hang a spare piece of toilet

Roll from their skylight window

As for those surreptitious  middle class

Nobbs, they can use their newly installed

Velux at the top of the house

Shoppers with long faces and

Bulging denim crotches, both

Male and female; scurrying along

Searching for expensive-looking

cheap bargains; not having much

Money, some are content to buy

Morrison-brand beans, for

Thirteen pence.  Those self-conscious

Social climbers are shrewd enough

Tearing labels off, pretending

They were bought new and expensive

Selling their souls to contrived

Advertisements and dreaming of

Kline, or Gucci; well Nokia’s

Alright but I’d prefer to inject

My ego with a Siemen boost

Making sure it’s well charged

Why not try drinking milk and eating

Fresh fruit?  You are so obsessive, my guess is

She’ll likely enough become pregnant

Stark Literary History: “read between the lines.”

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” If you have ears to hear: hear!”

Shelley was a great friend of Byron’s.  They both belonged to the aristocracy, albeit; the upper-classes were represented as the nemeses, in both poet’s rantings for social change.  Byron fearlessly lauded the Luddites (King Ludd), in an acclaimed social reversal, emphasising the humanitarian aspects of his (Byron’s) nature.  Whilst not exactly robbing from the rich, the poets wrote to the conscience of the ruling classes.  A particular embryo of this school of thought, is the poem ‘Who Killed John Keats?’  Written by a brilliant Byron, implicating the, then, Poet Laureate: Robert Southey.  Shelley’s ‘Queen Mab (Maj)’ needs little, or no introduction. 

They once holidayed together, along with one of  Byron’s ladyfriends (Lady Caroline Lamb) and Mary Shelley who, I think, was a Godwin and so, related to Charles Darwin, by blood.  All steeped, grounded and closely connected to a Darwinian school of reckoning, I would have thought; probably in some remote château; amidst: snow-covered, picturesque, Swiss countryside …. Byron loved the scenic.  They amused themselves, reading character-testing German ghost-stories.  Conversation soon became competitive; especially in terms of British literary input.  They resolved, with one accord, to make some degree of an attempt, to produce creditable exhibits of literary horror.

Mary Shelley commented: ‘one particular gentleman tested her resilience each morning, enquiring if she had endeavored to make a start; no doubt, the inquisitive Byron.  Shelley’s wife defied all premise of doubt, she produced that classic British horror story: ‘ Frankenstein.’  HY.

Rome And Ethiopia Was Here: 43AD.

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” All mother earth, run come quick

Watch the battle:

Who win it? ”

Having assumed Gaul, Claudius sought

Consolidation: his elevation

Amongst gods nestled in Celestials

Remembrance would undoubtedly Be

Rome’s Caesars:  Julius and Augustus

Were in process: being subsumed in nature

Their imperial highness breaching time

Seventh and eighth month belongs to them

He realized Nubia’s importance: elephants

Time decreed: forty-three years after HIM

Israel’s God walked earth; changing worldly

Preoccupation with Rome’s oracled

Rise predicted; threatening The Eagle’s

Ascent into heaven’s immortality

Planned, superimposed battle would commence

Londinium posed, not even token

Resistance; The Fool entered via Bridge Way

Britons erected temples, unholy

Groves; druids captured publicly slaughtered

The purple I had easily secured

Immortal forbearance; closeted rhyme

“Fool’s rah uninterruptedly now climbed

Companion of stars, so far in the sky

Conquering pagan lands, engloried Rome

To make understand: its power and throne.”

HY: postmodern history.

Urban Revolution: in Poetry.

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” Oh yea!  Oh yea!  Oh yea!

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Hear Me! ”

Yes People!  It’s now time to

Listen this thing: come, hear

Spoken Word sing; encompassing

This world, everything

Put on your designer, polish-up your bling

Language: core of all communication

Blended and gelled, incorporating

Peaceful unification

Of all blessed nation

The technological age has

Finally gone; we now see

Ruination of all corrupt institution

Relegating wicked, dirty Babylon

To the disgraceful position

Of an also ran

A space age blew in, like an

Inauspicious cooling breeze

Probably when many were cooped-up

Chilling; protecting themselves

From the dreaded winter freeze

Yo!  talking ’bout ‘ The Postmodern

Condition.’  Characteristically

Personal mode of instruction

Bringing both old, and new

To the inevitable rescue

Of those plagued by that heinous apparition

That beast in deceptive disguise 

Seen by all, to no obvious surprise

That’s why We call it, ‘ The System.’

Using Our uncontrollable voice: Poetry

Exposing superstition and devilry

Those lost in Evil’s gathering storm

Oblivious to this healing balm

Eating food tasting like suppositories

Betraying tormented souls

For silver and gold

Now see them trapped in excitable reverie

Enmeshed in un-negotiable quandary

The children are almost unknowing

Please leave them to thrive, while

They continue growing.  Spare them

Unwarranted shame, not to be

Inculcated in the Modern game

This new age, for them, is very exciting

What a way!  With Word we can play

Assigning modernity, Lord have

Mercy ‘pon Me

Things pertaining to yesterday.

Now they can indict ‘The Bible,’

For discrimination.  Highlighting

In example: Romans chapter one’s

Citation.  Rueing all kind of betrothal

With a shout.  Some-a-‘dem, regularly

Start ride mouth.  Then there’s fetish

W’ey ‘dem a’ eat people foot

Sometime, without t’ek-off ‘dem boot

Me no sorry f’e ‘dem, at all

People spreading noxious ideosyncrasies

About; signalling their own downfall

Making a meal of, an’ eating pure gout.

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