Yo people!  Run come quick

Listen to this latest literary f’lip

Talking ’bout New Poetry

Taking into account

All events, sub-controversies

Stolen from hungry streets, refined

In gilted prestigious academies

Those with nothing at all

To eat, usurped by

Merciless lifelong adversaries

Harbouring militant abuse

Of spoken Word

Inciting a kind of rebellion

Never before heard

Practised by all

Subversive mercenaries

Controlled by money

Making publishing companies

It houses the latest chat

Cast and minted twenty-four-carat

Undermining social minions

Daring to voice Big Brother’s opinions

Openly critical of governance and rule

Exposing all those reviews, to fools

A generic revolution

Designed to restore parity

Buy it!  Invest a solution

Help reduce inequality

Calling purposeful, volatile activists


New poetry delivered with a twist