” All mother earth, run come quick

Watch the battle:

Who win it? ”

Having assumed Gaul, Claudius sought

Consolidation: his elevation

Amongst gods nestled in Celestials

Remembrance would undoubtedly Be

Rome’s Caesars:  Julius and Augustus

Were in process: being subsumed in nature

Their imperial highness breaching time

Seventh and eighth month belongs to them

He realized Nubia’s importance: elephants

Time decreed: forty-three years after HIM

Israel’s God walked earth; changing worldly

Preoccupation with Rome’s oracled

Rise predicted; threatening The Eagle’s

Ascent into heaven’s immortality

Planned, superimposed battle would commence

Londinium posed, not even token

Resistance; The Fool entered via Bridge Way

Britons erected temples, unholy

Groves; druids captured publicly slaughtered

The purple I had easily secured

Immortal forbearance; closeted rhyme

“Fool’s rah uninterruptedly now climbed

Companion of stars, so far in the sky

Conquering pagan lands, engloried Rome

To make understand: its power and throne.”

HY: postmodern history.