To Answer A Question: “is there a God?”

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Part 2:
The bible refers to God as a tri-part separated Being, retaining a separated entity remaining whole, also; the proto-type from whose image mankind is derived. This helps to explain why mankind’s faith is lacking intuitive scope and proceeds to induce disbelief in God’s existence. God’s physical reality is too incredulous for mankind to actually understand and yet, it is a simple assignation of man’s physical generation.
In the beginning revelation of heaven and earth was made known to man, through the scriptures. Knowledge, at that time, became the preserve of inspired men. Realisation obviously emanated from a process of pure thought; contextually, mankind begun to realise language and, by extension, communication. Biblical interpretation wrongly assumed God as an external manifestation to man himself, a; diabolical mistake. People therefore pointed to some figment of fanciful imagination, high in the sky; calling something they could not see, or credibly substantiate, God. The evidence in the early verses of the bible, refuted such an approach but mankind continued with his vain imagination, as dubious answers for Truth he could not fathom.
God is referred to in plurality, yet his essence is maintained in singularity. This is the confusing factor, aligned to God’s Being, which causes interpretation to lapse, readers just could not understand its implications. It is a doubtful assumption that, people can understand the true meaning in the twenty-first century. The three parts to the one God, are: Father/ Creator, Son/ Word and Spirit/ Manifestation, these; facets are innate qualities of human existence, which also constitute Almighty JAH/ God. In the bible, God’s reference to himself as us qualifies the separated parts of himself which, is the constitution of his image in the making of mankind. There is, again, misrepresentation in literary interpretation here: the fictional imagination of a deity sat at a potter’s wheel, shaping his creation, is an allusion to the power of God in nature. Over time, the initial cellular entity generates, via split/ separated particles, composite manifestations complimenting each, the other (man and woman) and its natural progressive generation culminated in humankind, once the power of pure thought (God/ personal individuality) became party to the entity that nature periodically formed; God instituted himself as a presence of pure thought, becoming man’s soul/ mind; God himself as the presence of purely righteous thought, and so, separating mankind from the lesser endowed animal kind; a naturally progressive reality in flesh. Does God exist? Of course he/ she does. God is that part of man/ woman who activates the essential reality of Truth. Humans have to live in a set authoritarian, autocratic manner for God to be an integral part of their make-up; Christ’s message explicitly maintains, this fact has to be so for man to be joined to his creator; pure thought, inculcated inside human beings, is the actual presence of God.
Proof of God’s existence is an emotional experience, which is impossible to relate though very easily witnessed. Pure thought is the first cause of man’s differentiation from the apes. Symbolic allusion of God’s existence in man, is obtained, in: the passing of blood and water from Christ’s pierced side, whilst he was on the cross; blood symbolises man-in flesh and water represents God’s spirit in man. Christ may then be realised, as the presence of both God and man in the same individual entity. Proof of God’s existence should be derived from the universal uniformity and perfected nature of The Creation; the celestial bodies are completely perfected, in their axes and their individual working parts, in the whole completed process of the universe. It is not haphazard, neither is there a finite equilibrium, it is infinite in scope and longevity.
Belief in evolutionary perfection and nature’s non-susceptibility to mistakes, are not acceptable explanations for the faultless design of The Creation.
Hume says God is the first cause in the chain of existence. What, then, caused God to Be? Realisation of God’s nature allows us to believe, God does not need or warrant a cause for explanation of his/ her existence; there is God and all else came after him. Conception of The Creation generated from pure thought, the; Word is the actual recording of pure thought and his/ her manifestation is the progressive reality of mankind. These three processes of existence assume the presence of God, in a singular entity, contained in the embodiment of humankind.

To Answer A Question: “is there a God?” Part 2:

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Growing up as an angelic choirboy spawned, a quite impulsive desire to reject, and rebel against, the ecumenical authoritarian regime representing the very foundational claims and non-progressive resources of the systemized church and state symbiosis, of organised control; the whole charade seems oblivious and steeped in symbolic representations, of world dominating racial hypocrisy.
My great-grandfather was a slave, so was his most immediate progeny, who lived in an age when slavery was, supposedly, already abolished; abolition was achieved in eighteen thirty-two, actual legislation – passed in eighteen thirty-four – took decades and many illegally abusive perpetrations, to filter through to the remotest dominions of Britain’s far-flung resources of empire. My father, born in nineteen twenty-eight, suffered precipitations of ingrained slave practises, he: didn’t go to school, was unable to read or write and, engaged in daily work schedules, long before he was fourteen years old. Our whole existence, just like all descendants of the ‘modern’ captives, enslaved by a neo-babylonic empire, was: fashioned, shaped and futuristicly devolved in to what we are today. We clung, with existential resolve, to God our almighty father who, we are quite unreservedly convinced, will redeem our souls from a living perdition which, religion assures us, should not commence until we experience physical death. My first point of rejection stemmed, from a refusal to wait until I am dead, to gain: Freedom, Emancipation and release from a state of racially instituted secondary preference.
The slaves had to be content, seriously coerced by master and his heinous systems of dictatorial control – not unlike the British police forces – with a promise of unreserved release when death, mercifully, came calling:’any day now, any day now, I shall be released …’ was a chorus sung with unbelievable fervour and gusto, in the: cotton, cane and tilling fields. The generation I was born into, decided ‘by any means necessary,’ to actively engage in subversion, rebelling against ‘The Babylon system’ hellbent on keeping us, within their plotted trajectory for slave descendants; rebellion, unfortunately, meant illegality and frequent criminal sentences in prison. I drowned my sorrowful sojourns, during incarceration, studying and preparing for a change of direction.
Whenever in gaol, I studied: the bible, Kant, Descartes, Marx, Adam Smith, Engels – who lived here for a time – Darwin and Byron, divining deeply into respective academic fields, purporting to shed light on the questioned existence of JAH/ God; Hume was the one who instinctively, proffered guidance I could theoretically relate and align myself to. Studying Eldrige Cleaver, whilst in borstal, helped me to affirm the importance of divulging and fashioning my own personal methods of enquiry. I was destined never to follow or repeat the observations of others; a processing point of intimate inquiry, forced me to find my own route to personally set goals of achievement. With Hume, it became increasingly difficult to discern and form my own critical point of view, without relying on his intimations.
The theory of causal intervention, Hume’s theory of ‘The First Cause,’ in relation to the existence of God, is a steadfast theoretical opinion which seems to me, an infallible edict of theoretical enquiry: because everything in literal existence has an undeniable beginning: that includes the existence of scientific enquiry/ inquiry, which is, initially, a psychological construct invented and devolved by mankind, to offer explanations for personal existence. For the world to Be, there had to be a point where it actually began, remembering; the world is an altogether separated entity, from The Earth: they belong to alternate spheres of existence; The Earth being a geo-physical aspect of spacial existence whilst, the world is mankind’s scientific explanation of, what takes place in and on the earth. The Earth is therefore a physical aspect and the world is an abstract, psychologic epistemological domain, derived from studies of The Earth; the world doesn’t actually exist but is accorded imagined existence, theorised and visualised by mental persuasions – hence thoughts – of humanity. Epistemology, then, is the theoretical beginning of pseudo-earth, which is the figment termed The World. The Poet/ Psalmist alludes to definitive distinction of these two realms of existence, in Psalms 24: ‘The Earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein ….’. The ascertained existence of God, is actively defined by recognizance of the distinction between The Earth, and the world; the Earth is a realm belonging to God, and its pseudo representative, the world, is a scientific construct divined and devolved by the epistemological and linguistic creations of mankind.
We have to acknowledge nothing actually exists until epistemologically defined and termed as being so; fire has always been here as an elemental definition of Earth’s existence but it wasn’t actually known to exist, until realized and given the classified label, of the name, fire; mankind will never know when that genealogical occurence actually took happened.
A whimsical allusion to the existential relationship, connecting The Earth and the world is the reciprocative relationship, enjoyed bt the world and ‘its’ reciprocative, repetitive visual simile television; the one is a vivid interpretation of what has actually taken place; never, in actuality, what will happen but what has already taken witnessed. The bible reports God brought the world into existence, by speaking it into Being; this fact is, in essence, the Truth; the writer is, in reference, epistemologically creating the first cause of existence, by instituting communication of what has been, via the start of recorded language; in this case, the Essenes promulgated a reproduction of God’s generation – not evolution – of the beginning of existence; before this record of mankind’s generation, we have nothing tangible in comparative authenticity.
The art of perfection is a theoretical semblance of meaning which actuates the futility of doubt; how can the jigsaw of life be so acutely and accurately fitted together, if not by design? Why does it choreograph and co-rehearse an articulated whole, that is never less than perfectly related to its necessitated working parts? The physiology of human beings is too perfectly engineered, for it to be a naturally selected design of genealogical chance; otherwise, we would undoubtedly have: one-legged species, cyclops, four-legged people and many other travesties of human design, as natural occurrences, not human accidents. Mankind has been planned and executed by the initial design of a superior intellect, there can be no doubt.


” Fighting For Truth and The Real.”

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So this debilitating mirage continues, Poe’sy ostracised, debilitated and devalued; they haven’t heard or considered New Poetry; how she houses the latest chat concerning linguistics, in the literary. Now educational establishments are under vitriolic attack. Pouring slight on Lyotard, who arrogantly defined and distinguished high and low societies. This expose of western hypocrisy will, eventually, travel abroad, condemning those gilt-edged academies. We are usurping those age-old foundations; devising new and much-needed revenue streams. Exposing the genotextual (hidden) nature of metaphors and alliteration. What a way The System has started to flounder, History has been expertly slayed; inducing disruption, discontinuity and disorder. Listen! You highly cultured artistic charlatans, “you’ve been dismantled, and played. Now where do you go to my ugly, when your curtailed in your head? Your creditability questioned, deemed unseemly, Justice finally prevailed …. yes it did, yes it did … so! where do you …” Talking ’bout: Baudrillard, Foucault, Fukuyama, those theorists who have me well read: Freud, Lacan, Said and Kristeva, for goodness sakes, History is dead!
Poe’sy, flower of necessary information and auditor of human essentialism, she consumes me, indulging my crazy revolutionised head; alter-ego of original Poetry, any opposition has quickly gone to bed. I choose not to be over-obnoxious but, I’ve no time to make false and hypocritical apologies; ways of this falsely concocted, dead world are definitely not for me. Inevitably remaining conscious, introducing literary psychology. In fact! I won’t continue this unwelcome tirade, Lord knows! Done enough damage defending the weak and the poor; this is Poverty’s crusade, reversing all trends and disadvantages.

Take a look at second Kings
Be not surprised what you see
The deity Sennacherib brings
One who took so much liberty
Dared transgress ‘gainst Our JAH
Forgetting HIM is Earth rightful ruler
And so, was made to flee and run
Back to his God-forsaken homeland
Realized Judgement through his sons
JAHwill Be! Done when kingdom come

Burning incense to ‘the one’ Nisroch (crack)
Falling prostrate, flat on his back
Must have been dizzy, thinking he was cool
If he only knew; that stupid fool
Praising that demon, hopelessly off track
Nisroch, alter-ego for demon crack (Rock).

Counting The Sands Of Time:

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“So hear me now!”
We approach pinnacled chronological
Endurance; some inadvertently succumbed
To engineered , manufactured obstacles
Deep-seated unqualified sufferance
Reducing famous battles won, to flagrant
Negligible insignificance
Word is our last bastion; Freedom cannot
Be shackled, or enslaved; those who died
Pertaining flesh, readily
Consigned in unmarked graves

Pressing back resistant frontlines
Forced to dig trenches with mental confines
Inveigling trust, assimilating
Intimate parts of us; callously developing
Erecting new infrastructure: absorbing
Alien characteristics, inducing
Abrupt prejudicial culture. Belief is not
Enough to triumph over ancient
Residual deficits. A state of affairs, to which
Closet usurpers are benignly complicit

Many were overwhelmed, distracted
Confused by newly constructed parameters
System augured changing of designs
Once securely protecting our members
A famous rearguard, survival’s vine
Refuge in provocation, peppered into
Virtual materiality; illusions to disguise
Poverty; provoking innumerable outbursts
Rendering all to a state of obscurity

Our adversary recruited
Latter-day auxiliaries
From our very ranks too
Those conniving fifth columnists
Having evil intentions
Knowing precisely what to do
Deceiving The Resistance; effecting
Guile and hypocritical dialogue
Joining wheels of system
Only too happy, as insubstantial cogs

That age-old tactic, ‘divide and rule,’
Took on absolutely unheard of new meaning
Sinking deep, through fabrics of tight
Incorruptible families; reluctant fighters
Rejecting common intent, standing for
Position, status and financial clarity
Making them solvent, becoming messy
Unfortunate and bedraggled; turning
This final corner non-the-less
It becomes quite easy, to openly confess

Silent prayers offer sweet
Indulgent rambling’s soulful regret
Actions alluding judgment
Yet! Where is our reward? Paid
For labours society forgets
We worked so incalculably hard
Governments incessant tete a’ tete
Yielding scant reward, for
Life’s desperate and mental inebriates


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Travelling a God-forsaken lonely
Road; no visible support, shouldering
This mindful load
Oh what a day
When we are finally released
A time for peaceful harmony
With unbridled rejoicing
Unimaginable portions of worry
Laden stress will cease
Opening veins of upfull ceremony
Riddled with joyous singing

We travelled eons
Light years in fact
Losing concentration and design
Almost compellingly defiled
Virtually becoming abstract
Focussed with mindful trace
Subsuming ignorant defenceless prey
Absorbing vacant space
Placing token resistance in disarray

Customizing already assumed
Domiciled habitats
Dominating environment-friendly
Battle-hardened beaureucrats
Poisoning public opinion
Corrupting pure, naked innocence
Developing systematic abusive intelligence

Slaves resigned themselves
Whimpering shameless subjugation
Pacified enclaves
Consigned stock on shelves
Gathering hapless, perplexed indignation
Snuffed out
Extinguished with a shout
To irreversible black
Hopelessly addicted to hard drugs
Self-deprecatingly smoking devil’s crack.

Future? What Future? I Have A Cousin Called Future:

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Renegade planets collide, hopeless
Dreams fruitlessly pursue, absent
Stars they abjectly deride; abusing
Revelations constituted true
Extrovert levels: pent-up emotion
Breach parameters confined to
Absolute peace; incurring aspects of
Negative vibrations: succinctly devouring
Avenues earmarked for release

History eventually fizzled out
Colonialism’s embers doused by passing
Time. Resentment rendered cautious
Rebels distraught; still, we continued
Singing Freedom’s rhyme. Slavery’s yoke
Ferried physical scars; mapped
Into continuous blunted futures
Through ages passed; reality in stars
Memories elapsed as guilt devoured

Silent moons collapse; broken worlds
Submerge in agitated confusion
Concealed diversionary extracts revealed
Through reams of misappropriated
Allusion. Resistant extremities
Unable to relax, isolate worlds
Postcedeing mercenary intention

Columns divulge rogue syntax
Corrupting echoes
Pervade literary jouissance
Metaphoric references have gone
Askew. Indelible text offer
Obliterated meaning. Alliterative
Allowance gain automatic review
A penchant for obtuse screening

Over There; across The Pond:

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All American suits worshipping corn
They don’t understand rules of desire
Crazed lunatic mendicants wearing horns
Raising vitriolic pools blazing fire
Obviously craving the novelty vote
Splitting a country three-hundred
And fifty plus million
Amassed people wearing blue
And red coats
Stoking ire, infusing further division
Someone should find a better
Less expensive format
Outlining: how to choose a leader
Maybe then, they could be united
Beggars belief, so many babies dead
Cite war against guns; laws could be implemented
” Speaking as a parent,”
Remember, that’s what Obama actually said

Tepid emotion hardly had time to think
As disbelief instinctively opened doors
Sanity hovered, teetered on the brink
Bewildered eyes aglaze, chins dropped to floor
Impossible to legislate such monstrous acts
Innocent lives irreparably lost
Read it in the news; undeniable fact
Absolutely no way of counting the cost
To grieving parents, families of teachers
Psychotic’ly induced fool: Adam Lanza
Massacred young children and their vigilant carers
After blowing a fuse, executed his mother
An over-privileged child, the world in his cold fingers
Proceeded to school, callously murdered twenty-six others.

Your Last Cigarette:

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Furtive insipids relentlessly seek
Remedial relief; overstretching minds
Zealously accepting anything remotely
Resembling peaceful confines. Boredom
Enforced crowns rest uneasily on haunted
Heads. Satisfaction beyond imaginative
Possibility forgoes Pride’s place
Relinquished amiably whilst harangued
Incessantly, between bouts of clinical
Psychosis and medically induced
Putrified schizophrenic malfunction

Amuse salaciously entwined demons’
Coercive intent; draw soulless sleep
From wrinkled extensions of Satan’s
Hand, silently polluting physical parameters
Bestowed through infinity’s grace
Slowly inhale smoke; fill eager expectant
Lungs. Flowing thoughts beguile
Absorbing, comely desecratively abusive
Solace; suck life’s embers proffering
Death. Smoke your last cigarette

Subterranean depths yield gilded
Apparitions; clinging avariciously tight
To imaginative pseudo-materialists
Blending howls, screeches and groans
Weather-mimicked phonic symbolisms abound
Hell’s heroes abuse trapped denizens
Their resultant judgment; torture
Imbued hapless miscreants; suffered
Piteously, paying retribution’s exacted
Penance. Foolish Sin’s merciless reward

Fate manifests rotting physical erosion
Soiling fallen individuals’ misplaced hope
Their longed resurrection belongs amidst
Broken unrealised dreams, adding futility
Shortened gasping breath signals congealed
Mucus laden diminishing bronchiolies
Death mischievously lurks in darkened
Hood; laughing and joking at the end
Of berieved sick-beds. Cancerous cells
Call deafened ears, making meals determining
A last summons; time is not completely ready yet
” Come on my son: smoke your last cigarette.”

Neo-Roman Hypocrisy:

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Let us travel worldwide
Affording little over five minutes
Or so, to do it
Floating over a minimised globe
Virtual uncaring for life’s habituates
Horrendously synchronized ladders
Perpetuate classified incongruates
Soiling unity, with accompanying
Merchants of doom
Fleecing an unwary populace

Heartless insufferance dogs a trail
Littered with greed, self-prominence
Systematic manipulation and, deception
Singularly, individuals piece continents
Exaggeratingly underplayed
In cake sharing mode
Personalities with simple-minded characteristics
Hypocondriase and nurse-maid their own
Mimicking ingrained prototypes
Infused through electromagnetic time zones
Mammon’s triumph cites Affluence’s rejoicing
As one epitomizes power: born to adorn
Elitist stereotypes who consolidate wealth
Repetitive recriminations of capitalism
Bastion of all Babylon represents.

The Space Age:

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Social space
Big Brother’s tentacled domain
A strategic place
Ensuring no sense of resistance remains
Sweeping one-eyed beast
Snaring blinded victims
Who, populate the devil’s feast
Spawning neo-space-age occultism
Organisation’s infrastructural
Gutless demon
Commandeering abusive
Systematic, relentless heathen

This final frontier
Regions developed through
Numerological sub-human sorcery
Invoking ‘The Bluest Eye’
Eradicating lives of treasured ancestry
Greed prohibits sharing the pie
Renegotiation of a physical celestial
Infusing Nihilistic Graeco-Romano labels

Obscuring pathways
To higher remedials
Secret feelings
With no material dispersal
Invoking a terrestrial centre
To this manipulated universe
Power occupying virtual closets
Trinity situated extremely close
Spur of significant intuitive pockets
Truth: Living eternal Face
Source of all inspiration
Peppered with unbridled connected grace

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