Again The Poet spoke, causing
Mother Earth and her inhabitants
To, Be; still, they continued creating
Hurt. Planned her combatants, so; we
willed displayed retinues aggregating
Un-natural birth. Life ceased and the world
Ended; 2012. was the Mayan Date. They
Were so blind, failing to realise
It was much too late. The planet’s
Fate had long, had long since been sealed
Actually; ever since they made the wheel
The hole is undeniably there
Mankind blunders on, no-one really cares

Sunlight seems so much, more
Potent; Winter freezes with
Blatant disregard, for: young
Aged and infirmed. There’s a
Perfectly plausible explanation
For these world-changing phenomena
The ozone deficiency is taking
Recognisable effect, reverses
Coherent minds quite easily detect
The prophets of doom, too
Innumerable to count, have lost
Their sensationalized sting; people
Trundle on day, to day oblivious
To the new world, honed and fashioned
Around daily non-existent excuses
Semblanced realities
Eagerly referred to, as human life

This new beginning, preordained before
Mankind could even think, took root
Surfaced long before homo-sapien thought
To even blink. Initiating a man-made
Global continuum, polarised with
Non-negotiable opposition: religion
Takes a massive share of altercation’s
Cake; throw in territorial land
Skirmishes, then fathom a series of strife
Without end. There’s racial hypocrisy
The silent assassin, sowing un-requitable
Hatred, amongst the closest neighbours
Possible. Ever since the Italo-Ethiopic
Battle of Adowa, there has never been
Peace on this ravaged-sick planet
Martha Gellhorn said so, before she left.