Exercising Ghosts Of Reality:

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Terse, surly vibrations cloud trembling
Shadows, lurking nether regions pervading
Semi-darkness, an;archaic coal-fire
Serves both light and heat, in a cavernous
Room. Invisible migrants, torturing
Tormented thoughts, force beguiled intuition
Through stages condoning real, and surreal
Meditations, bringing to life apparitions
Conjured in near-distant past experiences
Driven to drink, wounded souls drown
Mired visitation’s tempestuous past
Grieving loss, feigning rehabilitation

Despair assumes visible form, culling
Deadened senses cajoled in Alcohol’s
Persuasive ambience, fueling Hope’s play
Imagination fluctuates futile
Representations, fusing matter with mirage
Blood rises, consciously exhuming dormant
Voices, whispering virile encouragement
Flickering embers dissuade Visibility’s
waning influence, allowing turgid
Wanderers space and inebriation
Powered brevity, capturing Intention’s
Slurred, deep memories accessing tearful regret

Shifting gloom choreograph mind-boggling
Psychopathic impressions of what should be
Ghouls vent familiar shapes and faces
Close enough to touch, compelling to covet
Sunken convoluted reminiscence
Induce sexually stirring images
Urging conversation to naked emptiness
Haunting recollections devise feelings
Clutching triumphant non-responsive ghosts
Contented mental deviations forging
Fact and fiction together, insuring
Normality goes unreservedly round the bend
Alluding excuse-ridden permutations
Intricately woven in hollowed dreams.

Miss Bonnie: firing shots

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My dear persistent Bonnie
I hear you
Most eloquent adversary
Prized poetic reviews
Include respected versatility
Now you raise voice
Drop auspicious ‘Dub-plate,’
Rinsing, and with choice
Lyrical will make you great
Grace this blessed arena
Instrument your design
Called, ‘Jewel Of Africa,’
Admirably consistent: so refined

Well then, Poet! Word-sound cinema
Guile-less wit, coursed representation
Posterity-guided literature
Spiced literary altercation
Set your programme, unleash style
Induce wordological diagrams
Inspired imagination should run wild

Now, let us toward interaction
Show how it’s actually done
Intelligent versification
My dear, there’s battles to be won
Facing a literary champion
Careful how you pen and go
Render personal satisfaction
Don’t ever say when, just show

Invoking Selfish Change

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Some of us are still normal
Refusing to be absorbed
Into the rigmarole of taking part
Doing things once forbidden
Die-hard traditionalists
Unimpressed by their new-found wealth
Afforded by novelties of uncharted change
And those innocent lives sacrificed
Futures negated as they were rearranged

Something had to give; our refuge
Life itself, became stagnant
Coerced and distinctly unimpressive
We had to try a new thing
Different and appeasably, very exciting
People now wear non-conformity
On their proffered sleeves
Beckoning uncomfortability
Designed to expose sensationalism
In order to invoke pre-requisite
Yearned for, merciless attention-grabbing

Summer will soon be exchanged
For Winter’s dark depressing
Unsettling demeanour
Encouraging them to plot
Planning next year, developing further rifts
Departure from agreed conventional
Highlighting even newer aberations
Convinced they are on the right path
Discerning and forming new ways
In frantic efforts to get paid, selfishly
Assuming an unquestionable position
That much coveted centre of attention.

She Is: dream state

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Writing these words for that woman
Whilst ogling her voluptuous breasts
Making sure the record has shown, a
Picture revealing her to be the sweetest
flower, with intoxicating aroma
Perfected just-riped fruit, still hanging
On overladen trees, attractive beauty
Silently calling, swaying in the breeze
Tempted imagination springs juice
From first bite; seen as it bubbles
Soaking a face reflecting clear light

Enticingly full; overflowing
Bursting with sap, surprisingly
Close enough, my arms around to greedily
Wrap. Smothering her essence
Enveloping her space, spinning her patience
Absorbing her grace; visions of aesthetics
Smouldering in her prime, forcing one to covet
Although committing immoral crime
She beguiles, controls my very being
Coercing repetitive smiles, making dizzily
Unbelieving what I’m actually seeing

Zealous for attention, desire to a point
Of want. Oblivious to all dissention
Roots bearing no visible plant
In gratitude and appreciation
I write this poignant ode, a tribute to her
Dazzling looks and pitiful condescension
Extolling serenity, convention’s abode
Like spring flowers beside a tranquil brook
Beauty’s elevation inside nature’s code

Change Has Come: at last.

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Yes Mr. King! Blackpeople are free; at last
Rolling centuries, unlocking countless gates
Testify; we have finally conquered the past
The twenty-first of January signifies
2013. is the year slavery finally died
Of course we changed the world, ushering
Postmodernity; racism and bigotry now
Have no place to hide, people of colour can
Enjoy concrete indemnity. ‘A decade of war’
Has come to an end, opening legacies of
The Earth’s melting pot, the; crippling crusade
Civilisation to defend, built on unstinting
Faith in our immoveable Rock, of ages
Who kept us strong and firm, releasing us from
Mental cages, ensuring we are never alone

This planet in conflict has no space for
Mankind’s squabbling, insignificant skirmishes
A strict resourceful circuit colours and merges
Differences of race, casting behind troubling
Distant delinquencies, the: Poet – Mr Blanco –
Exhorted unity and togetherness, emphasising
The importance of being at home, a; serious
Conduit we must sincerely grow, collated equity
Fostering a will to confess, concerting deliverance
Seeing God’s will, unquestionably done. A new
Beginning once again dawns; we have opportunities
‘To put our shoulders to the wheel.’ Just like
Wide-eyed does, standing guard over new-born fawns
Contemplating universal atrocities and the suffering
Of those unfortunates we must empathicly feel.

Rachel Fake: secret hooker

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Spinning out of recognizable orbit
Abusive cretins run their crooked rule
Surreptitiously warped friendly habits
Devise foundations of hypocrite’s school
Assuming the guise of trusted confidantes
Invariably positioned out of view
Setting programmed two-faced ambience
Devoting their lives to misappropriate you

Heinously teamed, with your supposed ‘er indoors.’
Trapping their pig in cuckolding vices
Compromised to a silent social’s core
Innocent families and children pay steep prices
An incarcerated veil of secrecy
Coerced her to levels of sinful barter
Locked in videoed disgusting depravity
Recorded for posterity thereafter

Oh! She thought, it was so clever
Trading her body for miasmic rocks
Up early morning with condoms a’ quiver
Punters parked bumper, to bumper around the block
Facial skin sagging worms, body grievously wrecked
“Yes! Have a cut-priced fifteen pound quickie.”
Those nightmares old-age won’t let you forget
“Fool! Destroy your life, while they laugh at me!”

Poor dear Naomi, and innocent Jake
Flagrantly used and disregarded
So taken in by auntie Rachel Fake
At the mercy of Asians, pimps and retarded
Well advertised on internet sex sites
Pictured, exhibiting unseemly acts
Still strutting around pretending she’s bright
Perpetually caught in a devil’s pact

Chapeltown police have a case to answer
Allowing pussy money to fuel drugs in trade
Inducing potential HIV carriers, with
Criminal records on the edge of a blade
Cameron’s cuts have made desperation real
Pushers and pimps target allowance books
Regularly held for advanced crack deals
Handing advantages to wicked-assed crooks

Poe’sy Avenue:

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Now I humbly sit to mind-fully write
Having neither space, nor time’s distraction
Come sweet bird let us willfully take flight
Cuckolding serenity’s introspection
Molding seeds, grooming Poe’sy’s pockled tree
Preparing a canvas spreading word
Ready to harvest verdant vocabulary
Emitting beautifully grown sounds never heard

Choices surfaced into harnessed view
Cajoling favour, leasing silent grace
Akin blurred, featureless Poe’sy Avenue’s
Richly flower-scented silky lace
Rinsing visions’ imbued clouded solitude
Binding solace-infused avowed escape
Inducing Poet’s inviting interlude
Constant parameters marked with unseen tape

We traverse distant, unimagined lands
Steady feet tread an invisible bridge
Wholly transparent imperceptible glands
Tracing shadows binding seasoned courage
Each sigh offers inspiration anew
Thought’s temptation bears fresh fruit
Thrashed, fleeced and railed askew
She crossed this gaze, I followed suit

Poems From The Future: Poe’sy’s revenge

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She gave me clarified vision
Opening crevices of tortured vines
Conclusively obliterated indecision
Allowing sustenance; strength that binds
Deep in winter, advancing sunny
Climes; parting solstice’s doom-ridden
Gloom asunder; she is purest love
My immaculate resplendent white dove
Everything I might have ever
Even dared to ask for
Banishing thoughts that plague
Opening, once perpetually locked doors
Fitfully suspending embittered rage
Conveying us safely, to protected shores

When they saw that light
Eternally effervescent, and bright
Esteemed distant, wholly afar
Presuming already
To know his adjoining star
We began, wistfully, to wonder
My soul carried over
To a wonderful place
Enshrined in perpetual grace
No earthly men
May see our enlightened face
But to know
We were always there
Being, assured love is here

And he said to me
“As far, as your eye can see
Seeping from unreserved
Knowledge trees
Slackening all belts, loosening
Fat, bilious perturbed bellies
Many will anxiously call
Seeking relief, seconds before nightfall
Those despicable reprobates
Suffering unexplainable grief
Diving headlong to escape
Excruciating pain, whilst
Queueing at Hell’s gate

Some will scream, repeatedly
“Thief! Thief!” Voices unsure
Definitely strong, to abjure
Those exciting gain, to prolong
For consciences to alleviate
All that had gone before
Crying abjectly, “no more, no more!”
Doing our best to even the score

For all you had done
Our judgment has finally come
Wickedness is on the run
Thy kingdom totally bereft
Insular division has cleft
All we could quite conceivably
Have left, as; remorseful sinews
Holding together iniquity’s pitiful virtues.”

So ungrateful judge, as far
As cows chew the cud
Let us quietly be, attempting
To Attempt virtuously
Carrying our burden of guilt
Infinite gallons of blood
Callously, voraciously spilt
Consigning wretched souls to
Mind-absorbing hell; awaiting
Toll of Quasimodo’s bell
Whilst unmistakably
Under Poe’sy’s spell

Feelings entwined, with
Hearts that casually bind
Word in hallowed Truth
Suspending chaste youth
Maintaining our stay forever
Until that blessed day
When all shall humbly say
“Oh! What a day
When he shall, at last, come
And our will Be: done
An end to heinous worry and strife
Safeguarding innocent, unprotected life

Lady Of The Night:

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Those unwarranted intrusions
We so nearly always find
Subtle, sublime, surreptitiously
Unkind; fallen women are good
Cases in point, with their
Seductive abdomens
So appealing, after voraciously
Inhaling joints. Exhaling
Ever so slowly, hair follicles
Tremble; un-noticeably clagged
With perspiration; lust’s yearning
Extremely deft in preamble
Fortuitously grabs physicality’s
Uncontrolled adoration; sex
Is in the air
Infidelity will shed a crocodile
Tear; muted musk’s effervescent
Rising instills girth, with
Swollen, heated blood so unsurprising

She looked unbelievably ravishing
More than good enough
To: lick, suck and eat
Her bumper raised, coquettishly teasing
Fully pert voluptuous treat
Scantily covered in stockinged red lace
Good alright; unmitigatingly sweet
Very short skirt, enough to see the base
Of temptingly rounded, gyrating cheeks

Come to me! Frequently abused
Creature of the night; play your part
Wingless bird’s interrupted flight
Oh to succumb
Your flax-peppered gorge
Of slippery wetness
Delving deep in rum-addled plums
Flesh-covered forge
Heated wily sheathed dampness
Sunken in streams
Clasping sugar-coated honied balls
Broken dreams rasping floated coveralls
Soothing sounds dominate mind-fuzzed
Interior; brooding surges culminate
Spurt-buzzed, sap-trickled posterior
Then time to go home; an unsuspecting wife
To face brazenly, alone
Whatever comes with trouble and strife

Poe’sy’s Betrayal:

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Thought you might have
Written back
Gracious and polite you said
“I walk Poe’sy’s track,”
That road, so shiny and bright
Waited vainly
“And for what?”
Circumstances unforeseen, might
Cloud etiquette or quite plainly
Rudely intervened writer’s slack

I wrote a poem about her
Very long time ago
Common intellectual knowledge Kristeva
Guess you didn’t know
Phenotext – Genotext equation
Once heard maths being discussed
This offering prob’ly starts
Our next exposition
Divining un-necessary angst
Between you and us

Well! My heart grieves, once again
It swells, in thought, aggressively peeved
My not so good friend
Confusion reigns, certainly abounds
This one is not on Spanish plains
Neither penned as an instrument to confound
Such as yourself
Supposed artistic’ly insane
That’s a good thing here
Whilst traveling in the right lane
If it’s poetry you shabbily wear

Since this is a familiar story
Trying to say
“Been here before.”
Word’s unmitigated, progressive glory
Truth is on-way
All systematically adore
Not to right – nor left, don’t blink
Mind the store – be sure and, sound
Develop an unprecedented print
Wouldn’t want you to flounder, or even drown

Poe’sy visited while you were sleeping
Chastising, warning seriously
Not to talk
Silly me; reward will be weeping
Divulging squeamish hurt, inconsolably
Same road I walk
Surely it was mentioned
Artists, deep down
will invariably attend the same
All unavoidably, haphazardly stationed
Part-way between visual frowns
Playing calm literary games

Farewell my dear
I actually told you
Incurring Poe’sy’s wrath
Something I should never do
Word is dreadfully terrible
When prompted to attack
Indisputable Truth
Hope I’m understood
No sign of visible slack
Reminiscing fragrant days
Of innocent youth
Wouldn’t want to be labelled
‘Poet – hopeless and no-good

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