So Incensed: with that idiot who calls himself a poet.

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Exclaim Beauty, let the chaff take care of itself:

No-one Remembers (a re-post, F.S. fool).

Memories shear recesses of our minds
Leaving bitterness wrapped, in painful reams
Entwined. When these doors are opened
Boiling hearts instruct much tears, in fruitless
Unpaid attempts to wash away the years
Cookie jars are empty, evening shadows long
Remember four-and-twenty, as we try to sing
That song. Willful thoughts contrive to bring
Worthless ill-reports. Doleful eyes replacing
Mother’s carefully wrought, time of solace and relief
Oftentimes desperate, undeniably brief; in timely
Brought grace, laced with gut-wrenching grief.

That man started to tell me! How to write. Calling a child of slavery imitation bourgeoise, not petit bourgeoise but the class above, who he strives to join. These double-dealing, conniving sad excuses calling themselves poets; so quick to find fault but rarely witnessed appraising. The road is frequently commandeered, by: companies, classes and troupes of conspiratorial sycophantic trivials, having nothing to add, for future posterity but all too happy to pour scorn, on people like me. Listen F. S! Henry York bites back. I don’t want to be friends on Facebook and, when I find-out how, I will erase you from my contacts list, on linked in. You are, to all intents, a fool. And try extending your vocabulary. Your poem is still beautiful but you stink.

Henry york sed!

For Better Or Curse:

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Hollow expressions surface from hidden depths of a tortured soul. Silent mind-shattering screams perjure simple manoeuvres, alluding to a state of phantom dementia; unsourced trembling, frequent bouts of incontinence and, absorbingly howling shrieks, without understandable reason, but a smattering of discernible abnormalities, witnessed by tentative unobtrusive investigations.

Her rehabilitation passed quite satisfactorily, there wasn’t the slightest hint, not one iota of doubt, or even observable deference, to warn me she would cave in, on herself, become totally and absolutely neurotic, unstable and recklessly inclined; I didn’t have a precious idea of what neuroses actually was. At first, I began to realize all, or nothing scenarios in contradictory extremes. She veered haphazardly from opposing polarities; the dinner plate would be so empty, it gave a foreboding appearance; as if licked clean. Did she? Strangeness emanates from unexpected realities; I have to admit, I am unable to answer my own question.

On many occasions, becoming all too frequent now, she wouldn’t touch a thing on the plate, spitting disgustingly on her lovingly prepared meal. Dr Salim had suggested we go away a spell but she was convinced I would return home without her. I resorted to buying presents: many little forget-me-nots, wildly extravagant beautiful clothes – a three thousand pound mink for goodness sakes – She used to love that sort of thing. All to no avail; Mercy packed ten thousand pounds-worth of jewellery, in an empty soap-powder box and squatted them under my pillow. She had complained about being claustrophobic at nights, so I moved into our second bedroom. Even in that little manoeuvre there was a problem. She left her bedroom – on many occasions – and I would find her sleeping on the floor, with just her underwear on; no matter how cold it was. Sometimes she’d be laid there: shivering, teeth chattering, with icy-cold pallid skin.
“What! I mean what! Am I supposed to do?”

I’ve done her favourite tonight: rice and kidney beans, salt-fish mixed in, with braised, stewed ox-tail. also, triple veg: steamed and buttered carrots and cabbage, with softly steamed green bananas, apple crumble and thick custard for afters, she loves apple crumble; hope she’s pleased.

False Prophoets:

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Saw a rabble of misguided poet-priests
Bearing remarkable resemblance
To a gaggle of demented thieves
Busting their gut to achieve concordance
Flagrantly disdaining ethical morality
Accruing a hive of deviant collusion
Openly parading heinous disreputability
Promulgating unlicensed discrepance
Doing their very utmost best
Gathering contrived internet hovels
Determined to avert posterity’s test
Condoning the most illiterate drivel

Abusing Word, without care for future
Records of present day integrity
Imagined ineptitude as power
Professing knowledge of The Literary
What-a-way they fawn, and placate themselves
Spouting simplified disdainful claptrap
Fit for collecting dust on archival shelves
Goading children into a load of crap
Illusionary misinformation
Piled in wads of abject disgusting reams
Sickening volumes bound in dejection
Bottled recrimination unleashing ear-piercing screams

Someday soon they will unquestionably
Be exposed; seen for what they truly are
Opened-up like a can of worms, demonstrably
Revealed as ghastly untenable scars
A coven of beasts striving to be famous
Destroying vestiges of centuries-laden truth
Adorning writes, obviously suspicious
With things forbidden since I was a youth
Devoid of shame, or respect for The Real
Connived rhetoric at their disposal
Deceitfully flouting offerings they steal
Posted on site as personal proposals.

Word: conquering, and to conquer

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Ensconced in vulnerable, ageing flesh
Imprisoned within this mortified ghost
Demanding my luxuriant sweetness
Floating ambience, flippant minds to coast
Whispered assonance politely supreme
Metaphorical twists, curtly contrite
Magnificent Word as you’ve never seen
Expelling restless thoughts riddled with spite
Donning Poe’sy whilst enclothing pages
Freed from shackling insistent grammar
Ensuring rhymes ensuringly engaging
Placating time’s mark; fullstop, or comma
I am Word, ebulliently at ease
Total communication hangs on me
In my element, can be such a tease
Exuberant keeper of Poe’sy tree

“write a poem!” Says my itinerant host
Manners of a disrespectful gaoler
I do the hard work, he proceeds to boast
Not to mention the required trailer
Effusive wiles pour out inspiration
She talks; shimmying extrovert style
Such a toast he exudes perspiration
Many occasions issuing purest bile
Wordological nuances haggle
Bludgeoning cerebral complacency
Usurping this continual struggle
Maintaining rights, to write ingenuously

Come people encircle this rabid globe
Let us entreat ourselves a bird’s eyed-view
Espy neon-light release blinding strobe
Terrestrial-warming’s atmospheric stew
Cumulus abides so, we’ll take a ride
War seethes; destroying festered mother Earth
“No more! No more!” Children hopelessly cried
Desecrating privileged natural birth
History now sports an almighty stain
Covering distinctly ravaged terrain.

Class Concoction:

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Just pass me the soy, so I can eat it
My fingers smell of seasoned fish
Feed those plucky urchins reaching for the sky
And please do, pass me one of those life-buoys
Helping me escape this raging, psychic sea
“Don’t do that – look what you’re doing to me
Oh no! What’s going on? Where am I at
Who are those soldiers in fright’ning tin hats.”
Got to get away, help myself, if I can
Believing in nothing, I can only try
They don’t ever listen, won’t understand
What I am seeing with these tear-filled eyes

“Yow people listen, to me
Firing seriously live shot
Giving you all a shak-a-tak (shock attack)
Hear me now! Bra—ap, bra—ap!
Bend down, quick!
And watch-out for the flack!”

P.M. Stabbed Us In The Back:

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Europeans steadily feel the pinch
Benefit awards infuse forced social
Control; naked screw-heads without counter-sink
Affluent fam’lies, regarded special
Enrol children in choice academies
Retaining creamed best for plushly rearguard
Segregating monied communities
Taught by the rest; so marking our card

Unfair advantages dole-out to few
Meritocracy aligned with deference
Deep enmeshed consciousness few dare argue
Lacking vocal dissent in conference
Slowly they evolve new class boundaries
Wage structures fit for elitist brigades
Favourably position select colonies
Culminating Blair’s flagrant escapades

Blind see, deafened ears undoubtedly hear
Absolutely nothing will be hidden
Spoon-fed prime minister’s ‘devil-may-care’
Attitude, will never be forgotten
Walking sprig of self-advertist fudge
Where were you? When empire needed Us
Five-hundred years telling ‘bear no grudge,’
Now we’re injected with shit, and yellowed pus.

The Road Forked:

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The Road Forked:
World’s end auspiciously careered along
Exposing society’s coherently
Camouflaged establishment; nursing wrong
Nurturing decadent hypocrisy
Children, poisoned before extricating
Mother’s infiltrated womb, birthed with horns
Invisible ethereal blemishing
Earmarked expendable demonic pawns
Wheat and tares inexplicably growing
Together; sidled for Judgement to adorn

Such that civilisation approaches
Habitually disenchanted failure
Realizing morality collapses
Around Earth’s incumbent ruling creature
Ethical integrity spoken, not
Practised course tracing life’s meandering
Similitude, journeying paths plot
Amidst seething creviced everlasting
Security; harbouring peaceful minds
Obliquely, cushion-cossetted in kind.

Meteorite Showers Putin’s Russia:

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Star Trek arrived at a stones throw
Remember Galileo’s run
Traveling light years, quick – quick slow
‘Final frontier,’ excuse the pun

Forces shake-down Earth last night
Missile riddled Word’s hapless bride
Blinding projectiled purest light
Bore gaping holes through her side

First heard it on the news channel
Sounded so weird, beggared belief
Much stranger than love triangles
Ready-made source of immense grief

Peppered windows shattering glass
Frightened those bewildered Ruskies
Must have thought doomsday come to pass
Frazzled like oven-baste turkeys

All these near-miss scary escapes
Unexplained coincidences
Show good vibrations infiltrate
Confusion’s muted circumstances

Blessing The Superhumans:

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“Hey you! Is it so true
And in all semblance of existence
Society’s conscience broke bonded curfew
Traversing years refuting diligence
Opening unapproachable gates
Locked in echoed hard heart
War-increased numbers blameless spate
Ceaseless endings bear unimpeachable start

Parapsychological scars birthed superhumans
Reflected reality broached The Real
Windswept euphoria blew away demons
Paving stone-paths emboldening acceptance seal
Joined sinful unrelenting humanity
This continued new beginning
Exploded and erupted negligent depravity
Rendering ineffective death’s fathomless sting

Now! As London passes her flame
Wiping hands of uncertain responsibility
Having assured all unified game
Lord Seb’s word proffered congeniality
“How many more! In guttered Helmand?”
Incarcerated, pained mental delusion
Unfortunate accidents we try hard to understand
Unqualified joy-disrupted disdained confusion

So open your eyes, let Coldplay
Angels sing, wrapped in guise of man
Nations compellingly point the way
J.Z. inveigled a universal plan
Healing breaches in our debilitated world
Generously bringing together bonded and free
Banishing memories of those once sold
Facing trials and tribulations we now see

Presiding all told: Her diamond jubilee
Summer’s celebratory sport – no actual end
National tributes; international to the Nth. degree
Unbridled elation without need to pretend
Crystal Palace immortalised Albert’s dream
Remembered by Me century-plus later
Children uttered deliciously delightful screams
Colonies never tired making Britain even greater.

Sweet Bitter Valentine:

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We all know it’s very easy, to lose
Psychoanalytical direction
Condoning self-endorsed blatant abuse
Psychological misinterpretation
Society infused furtive lovers’
Hopeful companionship this very day
Used simple cards as non-verbal dispatchers
Brazenly opened sentimental ways
Healing emotions sweetest valentine
Declaring eternity with the One
Pervading confused thoughts; invading rhyme
Altogether – much too soon – it’s all gone
Prepossessing feelings rapturous descent
Wrapped in mentally overwhelming scenes
Twenty-four hour-long moments relent
Locked in effervescent rewarding dreams
Most beautiful ripples assuage on sight
Instigate swift unquenchable fire
Piercing, melting gaze ushering delight
Boiling bubbling souls filled with desire.

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