Spring Chill 2013: mind-controlled destiny.

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“Goodness! It’s bitter out there, caked
Ice on the ground; frosted breath in the air
Innocently spreading around.No sign of Sol
Anywhere, it’s the middle of March
Approaching high Easter: bells, clothes starched
Palm Sunday follows very soon after.”

Memories locked in annual storage
Is precisely what, we: were, are
Eventually become;satisfying
Stereotypical premises, ‘the old adage.’
“Hasn’t changed in fifty-years – like
Home, from home.” Followed by pained grimaces

Non-consential pre-ordained mapping
From cradle through lost-visual
Days conceived in fretting and planning
Savouring survival concerning some inconsequential
Having not even the faintest – supposed
To go this way anyway – “Destiny you’re
Much the greatest, Like word from beginning
Setting completion, perceptively done.”
And weather start spring-ing, then good climate come

Word you write, caring most precious things
Nurturing past impetuosity
Profanes difficult, uninteresting
Quite shady shadowed impropriety
Sold in warranted hell-ish matrices
Instantly condoning cobwebbed covens
Cooly sentencing children’s innocent
Intricacies, giving cause for concerns

Careful you slip, start sliding away
Sucked down into some never-ending slope
Fall, inducing agitated dismay
Depend on your ability to cope
My kids are, but mimicking extensions
Bleaching into mesmerizing design
Mis-timed leave induces comprehension
Minds always intrinsic’ly combined

Turn swell-headed and flat, hardly making sense
While intuition breeds many corners
Enhancing your mind brings deft recompense
“Step-up! Defend a nice li’ckle earner.”
Inspiration works your thoughts, “try a fling!
Contemplate, concentrate, initiate.
Pushing you boat out, know goin’ find something;
The power moving Us is really great.
Have faith and see what life actually brings.”

‘Like A Thief In The Night.’

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'Like A Thief In The Night.'.

Waiting For Pregnant Earth:

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Touched sensuous expectancy
Seeing buds flush imminently
Always loved; to rather be
With you darling, so close to me
Lambs quite early this year, again
Patches of snow: hail, sleet and then
Feel Earth’s ragged, cooling system
Remember all rainy blessings

Time reckons, ascends the moon
First-born April, listen this tune
“Opened! We see and very, very soon
Your dish ran-away with no spoon
Soon bulbs begin to swell
Flowers adorn french-window’d hotels
Bird’s chattling forgoes season’s bells
Avenues arrive, as far’d can tell

Humpty Dumpty fell on fool’s day
Realized there was no turning back
Tracing drains he turned to clay
Seeping puddles, morphing cracks
“Don’t forget! Now good time to plant
‘Specially after watered ground
Seeds flourish rapidly instant
Pregnant trees spread whistling sounds.”

Bunnies hop down fruit-laden roads
Crossed buns spat-out sultanas
Shedding enough crumbs, in truckloads
Covering fresh clean pyjamas
Nature fitfully cries out
Smell-signals announcing birth
Joyous celebration-tinged shouts
Everything life is truly worth.

‘Like A Thief In The Night.’

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People not know silent codes
Promises written through ages
Purest hearts’ righteous abode
Founded those bible pages
Heaven and earth shall pass away
Before a single word has failed
Hewn in stone, here to stay
‘Lion of Judah hath prevailed ….’

Errant fools hopelessly rage
Minions locking Armageddon
Excluded certified knowledge
No idea where help will come from
“Too late!” Shall be their futile cry
As bells resoundingly ring
Money nor gold can satisfy
Death’s ignominious sting

Liberation came too soon
Catching vigilance unaware
Virtuosity’s silver moon
Bewailed surprising despair
Daylight’s random permutations
Yield tribulation’s turgid spell
Mankind’s glorious salvation
Unfolds what prophecy foretells

Come, listen hallowed music
Sung by God’s triumphant choir
Son’s of Asaph most exquisite
Enthralling your soul’s desire
Zion’s windows are open
Outpouring most sweetest sounds
Blissfully bathing everyone
Quite enough love to go around

Haile our mighty King of kings
Seated upon the highest throne
Righteous angels ceaselessly sing
Praises; honour to HIM alone
Revelation burst bankrolled time
Released JAH-JAH judgment on earth
Extolling Truth so divine
Great mystery of natural birth.

World’s End: victorious Earth

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so! Jackals unexpectedly pooled resources and foolishly joined forces with the sabre-tooths; it was a quite predictable development and smacked of desperation because the lion’s ascendant position was, for them, untenable. History stopped, having been unceremoniously exposed; intercontinental collusion was a newly established phenomenon, no-one knew quite what to expect. The amalgamation was incubated in the gilt-edged universities, where money frivolously usurps race; without realizing their mistakes, or the cataclysmic world-destroying dangers they were inaugurating. Jackals prided themselves, guffawing and parading openly, for averting the imminent control, and domination, of all-encompassing lion-culture; the tigers secretly rubbed and kissed their religious luck-charms, with unbridled glee, having succeeded in changing: time, the World and (H)istory.
Jackals then began to openly reveal their long-hidden agenda, after-all, deep down, tigers were inherently subservient beasts but, their power alluded to virtually unstoppable strength, in numbers. Colluding with godless jackals prepared the way, for the coming of The Dragon, the long prophesied destroyer. First realization dawned, when the church inauspiciously began to crumble, turning in on itself and imploding. Desperation quickly set in, jackals smelted an incredible-looking golden calf – procured from those fantastic amounts of gold stolen from Africa’s gold coast, centuries ago – attempting to destabilize Destiny’s programme; installing the faithless combination of polytheism and the money-god.
Four popes succeeded – one after another – the heinous two-headed Cerberus, called Paul; supposedly sitting on St. Peter’s throne, forgetting His Majesty gave Peter the keys to hell. Make of that, what you will! One of the demon’s successors was actually mauled, in nineteenth eighty-one, mortally it turned-out, by a tiger referred to as Agca; still, the jackals, perturbed by fear of unpredictable lions, continued feeding the children of The Beast, tigers’ trump card.
The World caved-in, systematically. The Earth listened, patiently, for the sounding of Raphael’s trumpet, realizing and knowing the World would never hear it.

State Of The Union:

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Out to market, the one shirt on my back
Determined mind made up, to drum-up some raise
No hanging street with people smoking crack
Eager punters set my pocket ablaze
Times are very hard, everyone’s cash-strapped
Supermarkets were caught selling horse-meat
Many walk to work; shoes clickety-clack
Tired on-way home rueing aching feet

Criminals wear swish suits, white shirts with ties
Phone-linked drug-pushers drive really fast cars
Babylon idle, hopelessly they pry
Technology made: bandit superstars
Flattened economy makes huge losses
Fleeced by addicts and shop-lifters alike
Paedophiles parade in mobile posses
Unions do damage with unscheduled strikes

Two-thousand thirteen, Cameron’s brave new world
Descends to economic free-for-all
Pocket-fat bankers – many lives they sold
Britain’s fiscal status heads for a fall
Queen Elizabeth’s health started failing
Was admitted to hospital last week
She’s well in her eighties and struggling
Wouldn’t be surprised if her bones start to creak

Babylon Fall: “serves them right!”

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Now tell me? What excuse can they give us
Passing into a fourth generation
Darwin’s ‘theory’ swiftly aligned Malthus
Left Africa in total confusion
Britain’s government now so desperate
‘Third-world brand,’ said pope arriving Heathrow
Packed head-gear wearing devil incarnate
Years to decades, evil seeds they sow
Chapeltown police: hive of corruption
Indigenous people sold into hell
Unaware of money-bent confusion
Timely introduction to Dragon’s spell
They simply lost touch with society
Hung on to traditional ways of life
The Real endorsed lurid iniquity
Legislature induced spiritual strife
Slave descendants bottom every ladder
Local police agenda, ‘keep them down!’
Sold over centuries; now much harder
To keep them illiterate looking like clowns
So Babylon’s smear early policy
Allowed greater dangers; setting them loose
Creation’s putrified adversary
Deceptively adapting friendly ruse
Non-authoritarian links throughout
Beaurecratic fifth-column foundations
Pooling resources – warring faiths with clout
Technological communication
Pinions local council’s broken expense
Protecting Beast’s surreptitious soldier
Those vice-laden minions under pretense
Trust to age as dissenter get older

Everybody knows: Cameron’s sick society.

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She saw the policeman out the corner of her eye, he didn’t bat an eyelid. Tempted to sneak a glance, she thought not; he would have, most probably, punished her later. It was so much different last Monday. They arrested fool and returned, after burying him in a cell; falsely accusing him, of attempting to kidnap a minor, knowing such an accusation would keep him incarcerated, and for at least five hours. They then returned and used her, like a public toilet, taking turns to abuse and humiliate her; they didn’t act serious and threatening then, nothing like policemen. Their privileges were free, payment for turning a blind eye when she plied her wares. It is common knowledge, she is a whore: supermarket staff all know, shopkeepers snigger when she buys condoms, car-drivers honk whilst driving past, signalling they’ve sampled her trade already, taxi-drivers dog her every move: from the nursery to the supermarket, the petrol station and the post office; she’s a regular whore alright, everyone knows. Fool kept silent though, biding his time. There were too many: punters, pimps, pushers and addicts to contend with, they all had a piece of her, he kept check of every indiscretion.

Three Times: without cause

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Officer Howarth (1900) attended my home with a team of task-force officers; they proceeded to bludgeon the door of my rented apartment. I was fast asleep on the sofa. My so-called girlfriend had turned out to be a convicted prostitute, working under my nose without my knowledge and heavily addicted to class A drugs. Practicing RastafarI forbade such heinous activity so, distracted by my feverish attempts to generate, some personally constructed form of intelligent employment, she and a number of so-called friends became criminal affiliates, determined to make a fool of me in the process.
The police took an age – I had reinforced it – to breakdown my door but, thankfully, I wasn’t caught unawares. After establishing it was the wrong address – I actually rang nine-nine-nine to complain – because, it was the third time such an incident had occurred. I had not been in any trouble since two-thousand and four. They left without leaving any notification, I wasn’t shown a warrant and, I was accosted by my landlord, to pay for the damaged door, again, at a cost of three-hundred plus pounds. After much remonstrating and resorting to calling the police, on the police, I managed to secure his name and number. My door is still broken, I can’t afford to pay for it, and I haven’t seen, nor heard from officer Howarth (1900) since.
Henry York.

Phase 2: word-building.

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The second stage of this programme combines areas of linguistic and literary theory. The alphabet (letters) is theoretically married to phonetic (sound), words are instinctively produced. Students practice and assimilate word-sound; in preliminary syllabic-recognition mode, progressing to basic word-building exercises, induced by linguistic and alphabetic combinations.
Spelling dictates the word-building programme, so the articulation of sound and language is taught and, eventually, disciplined to a level of word recognition; both in phonetics (word-sound) and the literary (written communication). Relentless practice and effortless memorizing is the key, to completing phase two at a highly progressive rate. The main incentive is for students to spell words verbally and, encouraged further, to write them down. This has to be a relentless exercise, in order to activate natural progression.
The phonetic sounds are bound together, as syllables; letter recognition is confirmed by phonetic identification. The skill will be developed to a point, when words spelt wrongly are corrected through phonetic affirmation of, the word’s alphabetic content. Three-letter word groupings initiate the process of spelling by phonetic sound; progress is a natural phenomenon, when fostered by relentless tuition and practical word-building exercises. The student’s ability, in development, is gauged by progressive aptitude to spell words and the natural transition into sentence construction.
On completion of stage two, the student has laid the foundation for continued educational improvement and the development of enhanced scholastic ability. The intricate educational processes will have a solid base on which, to build up[on. English language studies make up a greater bulk of studies, in the preliminary and elementary stages of this country’s educational curriculum, encroaching on all other subject-disciplines.

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