Roodbwoy: firing shots

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Chatting disillusional cosmonaut
Shooting rapid quick-fire quips
Hot lyrical advance he brought
All to bed, except Louisville Lip
Giving them raw, cutting formed style
Goose-spattering showered appraise
Wiring Leeds, through’in Carlisle
Igniting Roodbwoy word-craze

Drop seeded vastly fertile ground
Infused sodden receptive earth
Flash-out! Mesmerizingly astound
“Blow them away sucking up dirt.
Shock-out! Listen New Poetry.”
Hiding prized perch, cultured race
History’s cross made tributary
Stopping cracks abroad fresher space

Horse-shoeing twisted, bucking strap
Bush-nailed, undulating to mast
“Spread and staked, shooting brap! Brap! Brap!”
Buck-riding sluiced floodwaves blast
Courage inside bewildered swerves
Broadening stretch-exerting strain
Distributing decisive verbs
Crushing seeds turned whimpering grain

“Made this track, now cruising it wild!”
Militant soun’ bwoy wrecking crew
Flying spiteful acidic bile
Stitch-stirring fool-fraud’s rancid stew
Cat-reeling chirps, manslaying crime
Rinsed ignorant ferocity
Breaking sly filth-tinged vulgar rhyme
Covered innocent chastity

” Run it! Roodbwoy chats.”

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“Y’here? Present in mind too
Let me tell something Missa Man
Every each an’ all’s critical world view
See! Knowing indefinable
Life’s plan; whilst finite words mayhap
Divine, grow slight absurd: pray – stops
Time’s line – reality outran
Real’s relentless record-invisible
Blow bright bird, delay not Scion’s
Design; causality outshone
Zeal’s faithless award: palpable
Neo-sleight cowards; in-laid rot’s
Foreign mind ceased actuality
Finally outdone. Repeal tasteless
Discord – divisible blight
Induce death’s shard; an imagined
Community, falling hard

Such that: financial integrity
Wears dunce’s cap, where-in
Unmitigated success has power
More than equalled that
Much, much, phat influential
Super-daddies clear finance
Traps; pitching sophisticated
Excess, passed all-over foreign
Shores, bankrolled – in class
To match superficial celebrity
Peer-advanced cash-flaps
Those institutionated distress paths
Hog front-covers, peek-view shows
Patrolled brass you catch
Those affluentials’ powdered thatch

Now, instead of feeding Maggie’s mortgage
You’re stuffing Cameron’s revenue
Either, and every other way
L’il pik’ney goin’ hungry, rubbing belly
Sugar-don have to pay; sell him things
Why should he care? playing game
Claiming share, pulling strings
Actually dared: dream outside virtual signs
Solutions stem: from the root problem
Institutions decay from root foundations
Screaming, for you to replace them
With, of course, cast iron certification.

Locked-on Deception:

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Climbing this virtual mountain-side
Third time, in as many days; flustered
Well-bedraggled, perturbing mind
Completely disarrayed. Cloistered
Disturbed people hustle, bustle
All round; neat, displayed embroidered
Coloured circles precariously nestle
Above trampled, sodden, muddied ground

Forever’s demand amassing
Impromptu throng, any corner she
Flows;seethes like howling West-wind blows
Said she wasn’t going to be long
Absolutely no telling though
Might could have eventually left
“Sure! With some dutch courage maybe.”
Flight seems callously insecure; every
-One screeching, ” what about the baby?”

Gone! And to get, her: hair done, nails-paint
Complete facial, with back-massage
Sat here, in-car: bored, feeling faint
Prickled prisoner awaiting discharge
So different, young days used to see
Plied these cosmetics by her own hand
Home hurriedly, on leaving me
Pondering ex-rated visions

Things cooled, following accusations
“Yeah! Guilty but, not as charged
Caught at back of railway station
Nothing happened in the garage
I don’t drink, was bound to get drunk
You purposely helped; egging me on
Very soon naked inhibitions shrunk
Rather not, listen to your version

Saw me with loosed-looking woman
Up till now, have never said who
Quite possibly, your imagined inception
Surmising deeply distorted view
And then: said, saw me kiss red-rouge lips
Phantom stranger unidentified
Suffering your incessant quips
Any wonder I resort to lies.

Without a Paddle:

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it’s like I was saying before
Hidden in dark revealed by light
Place your footsteps well, and be sure
Heed sly covered intentions, quite
Heaving chesty expelations
Boasting-ful, to most entire
Favouring deathly inculcation
Babylon ‘ketch ‘pon thin wire

Shape-shifters slipping tight slithers
Smiles grease dirty chin dribblings
Rear cheeks potently aquiver
Conscience reels despicable things
Friends allude covert enemy
Trusted, for years, sleeping column
Practiced-walk, always behind me
Fell in the pit with no bottom
Bring it here fas’. without tarry
Make haste – have plenty work to do
Wholly adept efficiency
Includes living on-time’s first cue
Day swiftly imagines nightly
Incursions; continues per se
Unrelenting return, sprightly
Crashing calm flight, shining full-ray

“Some see you! Long-time already
Climbing sheer double-pittance bridge
Crowing what’s prepared previously
Proceeding to render carnage
If, just for a while, kept silent
Gradually engaged collusion
Easing determined quill’s consent
New-word world avoids confusion.
Rejects desperation’s descent

Ero-TV-tic Filt’.

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Wings float carefree unharnessed thoughts
Inspiration runs natural design
Imagine sweet lovings swiftly wrought
Enmeshed cushioned rose petals; find
Bludgeoned senses reeling pleasure
Extorting mental resources
Tittling fleshly good measure
Citing irreverent courses

Delightful swoons touch naked ears
Whispering deft flecks’ cooling breeze
Fluxing emotion soon declares
Rival secrets’ comforting squeeze
Tuck jewelled illusion’s me’nage
Eluding frantic, fervent zeal
Engorging satiation’s barge
Set trepidation’s buff appeal

Pole-axing soused-up humping bridge
Mauling thunder’s rippling thighs
Sleazin’ handfuls rolling cleavage
Cut, easing slack when sex implied
Lost control implodes bulging sac
Straining gun aims, shooting release
Coaxing acceptance issued – back
Driving – broadly through centred crease

Trapping Duality’s Mind:

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Exposed limitations deride
Erroneous claims
Callously choosing enmity’s
Side; boasting personal selfish
Gains. Be-friendly face-wizened charms
Out-searching weakened attack points
Thinking poisonous-riddled harm
Confusing flexed, bulbous nose joints

Mute perplexed heretics confound
Avoiding judgment’s fickle wrath
Totalling love; blessings surround
Insincerity’s idle path
Jealousy short as envy screws
Another fool-fool feigning friend
Keep what God actually gave you
Deliriously happy not pretend

Sometimes yearning’s hard resistance
Requires hardly, if any
At all, hurrying insistence
Immersed suitable company
Practiced foibles switching to play
Hard-assed mindsets, grow strangled roots
Niggled doubts distinctly allayed
Savour floodgates pouring first-fruits.

Heaven’s Earthly Symbiosis:

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Birds sing sated nourished-filled contentment
Ewes resume nursing excited sucklings
Destiny’s rains expel, accident
-prone Word’s preordained nature, instructing
Futured contemporaries here, and now
Separating sleeping victim’s vision
Banked heaps, after rakings’ diligent plough
Discerns Christ’s coming; into brightness shone

His placing, undoubtedly amongst men
Suffered surmised conjecture’s flaming sword
Life’s gloried sanctity must apprehend
Seers loitering technological gourds
Disrespect History’s audacious breaching
Malachi’s incredible story states
One so great – as ever – will be touching
Celestial space, grounding earthly gates

King Righteousness’ mighty Sun prevailed
Verdant fresh-blowing air insinuates
Noisy light covering every shade
Culling winter’s gloomy incongruates
Atheists’ planetary seeds, issue
False Graeco-Roman polytheistics
Horoscope-tangled malicious mildew
Detaining statute-endured logistics

Cameron’s Thatcherite Underbelly:

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Heidi, my Ingeus advisor, was adamant: after three-hundred-plus applications, without a single interview, in response, I would be better-off self-employed, as: writer, performer and day-jobbing teacher. I took her advice, my; volunteer teaching stint had been going quite promisingly, as well. On meeting WEA a teacher’s co-ordinator, I realized the need for a qualification, in the teaching sphere, promptly paying fifty-pounds – a weeks tax credits, supposed to be supplemented living expenses – to enrol on the PTLLS course. Not long after, there was a forty-two pounds demand, for national insurance contributions, followed by an eighty-pounds part-rent payment demand, from my landlord. Very soon, there was a council tax demand – forty-two pounds – with a warning of court proceedings, if payment was late forthcoming; this was followed by a demand, for sixty-nine pounds, payable for national insurance, again. To rub salt in raw financial wounds, I received a court summons, for non-payment of council tax, with a seventy-pounds liability demand, totalling altogether: one-hundred and twelve pounds; more tha half my actual working tax credit award, for a month. “Hold on! This ridiculous institutional bullyism isn’t finished yet:
my first contract, for paid work, teaching a poetry and song course, allowing for twenty-one hours work, at twenty-three pounds an hour, granted me seven weeks work at three hours per week. My very first month’s wage, when it eventually entered my Credit Union account – there was a mix-up clearing the monies, imagine the congealing frustrating agitation – was four-hundred and fourteen pounds. The Inland Revenue taxed me, and I’m supposed to be running my business remember, one-hundred and fifty pounds – more than a third of my wage – leaving a net total of two-hundred and thirty pounds, to: pay accrued personal debts, run my business and add to my meagre supplemented income, of fifty-three pounds per week.
I don’t have a computer, which is pre-requisite for the work I am engaged in, so between central library and costly internet cafes, I have to juggle whatever small change I can scrape. I attend college, every-week, without a red-cent in my pocket and, my electric always runs out during the week – this week actually – before my benefit is paid. I am in between contracts, with a two-week wait before my course, for next term, begins again. I don’t have a definite retainer but, second time around bodes well, if I can pull it off. Gonna go see the revenue people because, Cameron’s lot are trying to bully me back on the dole.
Who cares if no-one is listening? Writing to myself P.D. is the same as talking to God, so the Truth must out. Them, and those who through their acceptance and promulgation of dishonesty and collective social conspiracy, sentence their children, to live in, a: false, deceitful, pretentious and selectively biased world, will realize the folly of their ways, when their grandchildren – my eldest is sixteen – start to highlight their obtrusive hypocrisies.
“Get to it, and do it well! You’ll cry in your supper, when time begins to tell.” And the violin starts playing the same song, over and over again; supporting the devils’ tails, spitting out congealed bile, instead of beautiful songs.
I can’t bring myself to vilify, or resent practicing criminals any more. Neither, can I fail to recognize that resigned look, in the face of prostitutes – both female and male – ever again. Trapped by the elements of a satanic – Babylon – governmental system, they lose resistance, bowing their heads and paying service to tribute, serving Mammon. BAFsed, “y’hear!”

Toasting Vatican city: “step-up roodbwoy!”

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Destiny’s Klaxons’ shrill unrelenting
Signal sounded: loudly, well into night
Excitable clamouring, resounding
Through camp, compounded beacons brightened light
Our prophets’ instructions were very clear
Completed resting, unperturbed by sleep
Determined unflinching resolve, no fear
Bracing detachment extolling faith’s leap

We weren’t, in the slightest, at all un-nerved
Beast’s guards tightly entrenched hilly country
Affordable accolades, much undeserved
Citing faked impregnability
Couldn’t have known we had them surrounded
Perfectly capable, to make them starve
Vulnerable positions derided
Quite soon, opposing numbers would be halved

Historicised, this battle was written
Closing almost two-thousand years ago
Consciences so stricken
Satan receiving such mortal blows
Four choice generals inexorably burnt
Lightning’s unexpected strike caused damage
Opportunities to surrender spurned
Losing lives, millions, sporting false courage

Tactical Play:

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Seeing you again opened the valley of
Yester-we. Of course feelings definitely
Remain but only to be displayed in common
Courtesy. Falling absolutely, plumb unwell
Was tactical, unexpected mind-fever; as far
As I could tell, it was manageable
Enough for non-suspicious people to swallow
Only because, those demons would have
Reduced me to a singe-ing marshmallow

And then you do this to me
Quoting timeless literature
Rendering observers blind
Now, it’s very difficult to see
You proclaiming such features
Favour intoxicating wine
Since the die is already cast
We, like feathers drifting in decline
Surveying mute shadows of the past

I love you so very, very much
Ripples course my spine, when thinking
It through. Dreams seem so real as
Essences touch, your affectionate
Home of purest virtue
Nestling in pillows of emotion
Peppering smothered caresses
Highly sweetened with enchanting potions
Commanding constantly devoted, sweet kisses

“Girl, when I get my hands on you!”
Gonna make you shiver, trembling expectation
My lecherous grin will make it impossible, for
You to misconstrue, how I intend to make you
Purr in satisfaction; riddling your voluptuous
Chassis, with lip-synching pressure plates
Sheet-pressing your body, piercing screams
As you gyrate. I’m going to flood you with flushing
Palpitations, listen to your heart uncontrollably
Pulsate; cover you in excitement, as your
Fountain overflows its welling gates

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