Mottled Jigsaw; unreal

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What a way
I’m sat here
Wearing moth-eaten clothes
Pondering my fate
“Am getting old.”
Working-up, into a state
Not really feeling too great

In situ.
Such that boiling stew
Could not emphasise
This chasm in my gut
Love, not food, is the prize
Or maybe, lusting for filthy ruts
Hidden under false pretence
Hungry, rising blood has no friends

My darling, with your voluptuous
Self; inveigled yearning calls
Licentious help. Having a ball
Under pressed silk-sheets; dreaming
And to fall, flowing milk’s illusory
Meet. Beating hearts’ co-rehearsed
Timing, shelled queen of tart’s
Indefinable signing; swollen breasts’
Sporadic rise, wanton sex behests
Seething veins, with bride for tonight

Might have, but didn’t happen
Wistful thoughts perplex desire
Many wiles, less hopes, are broken
Feelings dissolved fevered mind-fire
Again you play shivered timbers
Knights in pyjamas without courtly love
Abused members sate in moments
Imagined blessings losing plots
Static courses jolting currents
Soaked in juices, happened not.

Dreaming: Poe’sy Tree.

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A voice shines through darkness
Shouting hopeful requests
“So monsieur Le Poet, please tell me
Why don’t you write Love’s
Inspirational goodwill anymore?”
The Poet remained silent
Pondering mindful tests
There was, perhaps, times my liege
You wrote: pleased perplexed souls
Appeasing tributaries of pain
Assuaged guilt-ridden complexes, with hope

Poet relented, and so – spoke
His heavy heart confessed
“Read, if you must
Sate travelled orbs’
Swollen completed trust
Patiently to absorb
Virtuosity’s feathered ink
Whet vacant mind’s hull
Engaging learned instinct
Confine a-door, all things special

Yet! And truly again
Word freely denied
Adjudged toxic venereal stain
Verse withered – to dried
Sightless insipids pepper
Roll-eyed expansive reams
Distributed penal order
Echoing tortured screams.”

Big Brother’s Revenge:

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Living large mortal flesh
Ruler, phat-cash
Cloth cap – boo’m car excess
Attitude – well brash
Ride fast lane’s whirlwind express
Flunkiest splash
Aroused celebrity interest

Some a’ them devil, to bone
Rap-out slack chat
Harpin’, ‘almighty god ‘pon phone.’
Stitcher’s trap
Lined muddlin’ small print
Pensions hatch
When dinosaurs extinct

Control Darwin’s imagined world
Income slashed
Feed-up Beast’s system-hole
Perpetual white-wash
“Too late! Cease worry – you’re too old
Where’s that stash?
Need more ‘an benefits – winter very cold.”

Took time – uprooted Faith
Evolution, “splat!”
Cited attendant, man-make
Cybernetic track
May lead to Fiery Lake
Condone pact
Acute destination – Hell’s gate.

Axis Of Hypocrisy: Evil’s continued growth.

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Setting frivolous examples
Madam Justice callously rapes
Truth; spawning devious disciples
Pretentiously remaining aloof
Technological wizardry
Schooled psychological abuse
Nursed, hazardous derisory
Impulses shoulder thin excuse
Chilling predictions condone
Evilous tectronic membranes
satellites invade private phones
Tabloids ceaselessly ingrained

Orwell’s premonition crawled home
Institution’s immense global
Continuum masking clones
Splicing intrusive illegal
Murder; incorporating drones
Citing political order
Mulled capabilities flail
Scything inadvertent dreams
Lost aspiration entails
Cats forfeiting poisoned cream

World division travels apace
Culling secret insurrection
Spreading avid discord through race
Seething utter confusion
Footsteps measured most contrite
Convivial regimes barter
Shoelaces tied very tight
Yet still, they take in water
Lined pockets bridge pitiful gaps
Easing empty semblances
Exhaled Mercy’s benefit traps
Worthless residual conveyances.

The Mirror Began To Crack:

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Simple things arouse feelings
Bordering contemptuous
Disinterested flirtation
Cast casually aside
Riding vilified crests, mulled
Intuition invents foibles
Attempted inventive change
Inveigled treacherous self-hate

Yearned non-eventful attraction
Caked-on paint crinkling age
Devours plagiarised minds
Determinate stealing calls time
Hiding under blanketed
Deception,denying coarse fear
Blusher infested complexion
Yields unexciting pallor

Riddled unacceptance bawls
Shrieks inevitability’s
failing masked denunciation
Embracing Job’s rueful sin
Cursing hallowed-day spawning birth
Looks are biliously deceiving
Power rearranged ; so grieving
Betrayed manipulative craved
Aspirational gauge for change

Postmodernity answers all
Neighbour’s new transplant testifies
Heavenly cheekbones, lessened bulbous
Pert uncomplicated nose
Seriously-seringed wobbly ass
Oodling chemicalized fat
With new hair frivolously matched
Purveyed self-sacrificing costs
New world suddenly looking false

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