Life’s Artscape Renovation:

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Art refused society’s advance
Painlessly emerged from oblivion
Whilst preserving boundar’ied romance
Starved for sake of revolution
Uniquely teased floating allure
Inflamed pastels contrasting rich oil
Human mannequins sporting haute couture
Mixing technique with this mortal coil

Built-up remembrance styles what’s been
Including ten-a-penny cameras
On-line to any receptive screen
Downloaded Facebook and Twitter
Reminiscence retains nil-value
Beauty’s lore became ‘cheap as chips.’
Commercialism eroded virtue
Plagiarizing sub-standard scripts

Bright red baubles fleck hanged clusters
Forged between emerald leaves
Spouted brooding black cherry lustre
Gorging brilliant shafted sunlight sleeves
Birds casually feed – per idle wont
Basking Summer’s feeding frenzy
Picturesque frames shield visual avant
Garde; moulding aesthetics consigned memory

Endured disturbing premonitions
Out the proverbial blue
Gunshots touting summary executions
Broken lives and innocence pursue
Futile attempts ‘thinking out the box,’
Ushered unguarded prevalent fears
Fantasized Dali’s psychotic clock
Spitefully shedding crocodile tears.

Welcome: to a new world

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Hard to believe normality
Actually jumped the window
Went crazy, from fifteen floors up
People walk around, open-mouthed
Rubbing disbelieving eyes
Governments shoulder relative blame
Consistently overhauling social
Parameters; set in place from year dot
Easing ancient taboos through
Consciences cunningly coerced
Flagrantly interspersing old and new

same-sex liaisons imbue married states
Allowed to adopt, pretending they’ve had
Babies; impromptu finance houses
Sell cash, virtually dominating
High streets pitted with situ. vacant signs
The onus of blame shifted to
Unprotected consumers, in lieu
Of negligent literacy
Omitting small printed dubious designs
Condemning self-propelled advances
Those ridiculous dreams for you and me

“Oh yes! Society has changed
Quite decidedly abnormal
If you deign to care, to ask me
Jimmy Savile reversed all claims
To wealth and affluence’s integrity
Stem cell research made Frankenstein’s
Dream a distinct possibility
Dietitians rule the roost, saying
“Food and physical exercise – not genes,”
Pave a path to hallowed physical
equality; recommending
Awesome infusions of Botox surgery

Maybe world’s end symbolises
Acute dawning of a new age
Sublime change virtually un-noticed
Great grandparents see twice renamed
Generations, of living selves
Rise from impending death
Physically assuring one’s
Personally inscribed future
‘ … dead shall arise, with those who remain …’
Confirming The Holy Bible’s claim
Eternal life is most definitely
Not a wistful, mythical game
Played-out to increase The Son Of God’s fame
As we rise – in spirit – to meet Him:
First Thessalonians, four.

History Speaks Our Past:

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Carnival opens ancient fostered wounds
Featuring grown children; accounted roots
Bearing basic unfathomable’s seeds
Spitting cloistered DNA on nature’s
Hidden carbuncles; meshed decisively
Without hopeful, meaningful redemption
Cruelly exposed moth-eaten jackets
Luminously awesome blackened spaces

Secret abortions recorded dead souls’
Committed convictions, presumed lost
Until released, for maximum effect
Hurting destructive menopausal grinds
Husbands hide behind menial frailties
Recipients of catastrophic plots
Lives spent ‘whored’, amongst local socialites
Huddled around lavishly spread food-tables

Ghosts elect favoured pickings easily
Crawling over distorted rejections
‘Magicked’ into abrupt, responsive view
Minding previously invisible lumps
Hating, auspiciously, condoned making hay
Shared sexual experiences, pulling
Pubic hairs, contaminated bloody
Recollections shielding long harboured spite

Hollow voices’ past infidelities
Squeeze identical human reflections
Moulding precise measurements – years apart
Those sweet lies punctured abreast deep worm-holes
Oozing nauseous, filth-laden saliva
Silence reigns – looks like nothing anymore
Family heirlooms unceremoniously
Dashing futures’ avowed forgetfulness.

Power relationships – M. Foucault.

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