Darwin: licensed to make believe.

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Mystery enfolded living Earth
Allowed frivolous permutations
Speculating her unknown birth
Vouchsafed by theoreticians
Billion years curry favoured space
Beyond knowledgeable thinkers
Guessed origin of human race
Ontology wearing blinkers

Progressively splintered, pocketed
Cohesive sentient eruptions
Eased foundation plates; placated
Movement fusing landmass combustion
Continents emerged, gaining fertile
Forestry, spawned life’s generation
Frightening dinosaurs running wild
Theory usurped The Creation

History’s oral tradition holds
many discreditable flaws
Morrison’s ‘bluest eye’ controlled
Abusive time’s linear claws
Darwin credited societies
Enriched with cultural art forms
Recording for posterity
Knowledge ports yielding desert storms.

‘…. Comes around.’

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“I thought: maybe if I called her,
But then, would she answer the phone?
Without sympathy but, yet,
To console her,
Wonder if she likes living alone?
He left, without so much as a goodbye.
Tried hiding it – but, she was totally bereft.
So difficult, for me, seeing her cry
Shuddering flashes frittered
From this one, to the next
Like simultaneous car crashes.
We were really good friends
But she actually left me, for him.
It still plays over,
In my mind – again, and again,
My head drowns in a psychological swim.
Abusive thoughts from which, I can’t refrain.
Then she said, I’d gone crazy.
Seriously stopped me wanting her back.
Now, she’s acting decidedly hazy
And, behaving ever so slack.”

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