I Hear Voices:

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Circles forced into unfitting squares
Mirror hungry children when cupboard’s
Bare; lost tiresome weary space
Compelled to hug, eating your warm embrace
Setting stall, obviously knowing the drill
On occasion: love can kill
Relentlessly divining hatred, nee
Jealousy supreme, invisibly
Conspiring ostentatious extremes

Pay priced, neglectful misconception
Open regretful drains effecting misappropriation
Support, teach, guide them from young
Keep up streaming equilibrium
Suffer yourself; be paid in full
Judgment prefers bending backs, who pull
Education’s beautiful line to salvation
Disseminates knowledge; sharing our load
Imputing History’s diasporic concentration
Each individual ‘selects’ destiny’s road
Making – sometimes – avaricious choices
Religion exudes definitive tracks
Tempting souls along contentious cloisters
Yielding soiled, obnoxious attacks

sheltered pathways reveal furry entrapment
Be careful you’re not innocently caught
Sucked into a honied trap, oozing seduction
Hooked by wares of cherry-tipped tarts
Words entice promising world debauchery
Obsequiously drawn; to apex of a bush
Rapt attention’s focussed intrusion
Leaking seepage ensures slight mental push
Crawling over heated, befuddled flesh
Seeking a fizzing, boxed hive
Imagine the pleasures of exquisite Eton Mess
When lost in a deep hole; swallowed alive

With an iron will, notoriously
Hard and stiff; culling subservience
Confirmed entirely rigid, inviting
Sluice gate’s discursive flood
An errant, destructive piston
Pumping residual excess, into mud
Uncontrollable reserves develop
Angered perspiration; coated foibles
Endure slippery inculcation
Yearning desperate, tarnished release
Fervently thrashing, before actions cease

Wretched Seasons approach:

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Summer left for annual holiday
Succumbing to blustery wind and rain
Blanket, sheet-like globules descending spray
Blown against ancient neglected weather-vane
Metal cock’s silent crow rings wretched minds
Tree leaves shade yellowy, green-like hue
Opening doors to Autumn’s ties that bind
Reflecting barren skies turning grey-blue
Crammed layers line wool-covered, shivering
Backs; hobnailed boots bear vaseline-coated
Feet. Drenched unfortunates rue clingy macks
Dreaming boiled lemon-flavoured sugar-beet.

Hedgehogs, significantly, disappear
Birds no longer early morning sing-song
Trees shed full ripe apples, and conference pears
Hurried flocks depart south in noisy throngs
Boil a seasoned pan of hot, bubbly soup
Serve fresh bread, out the oven, while piping hot
Play secret love songs, recurring on loop
Snuggle under tartan, in a sweat-shop
There’s a bright sun shedding no form of heat
An icy breeze cuts across crinkled skin
Hard-face rules where unwanted seasons meet
Spruced hot flesh gives rise to baby-making.

Doublington Brown

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Doublington Brown auditioned
As slapstick clown, for Topple-mart
Circus. Having landed the part
He decided to start, wearing pressed
Scented, pickled crocus; ground fine
Powder, arranged in meticulous
Order, all way down his striped pants
With a twig in his hair, numerous
Colours to spare; posed as an out of work
Migrant. Performing ridiculous tricks
Made people laugh when taking the mick
Twirling his luminous red scarf
Atop a gnarled, mangled old stick

Such sizable audience he drew
With tumultuous applause, which he knew
Enhanced his glowing reputation; giving
Anxious cause for much jealous consternation
Many challenged his act; designed for children
In fact, though adults were equally enthralled
His fame grew, his name repeatedly called
Much debate dutifully ensued, whether pride
Preceded impending fall. How they yearned
For him to fail; knowing popularity
Courted his game. In secret, they
Ranted and railed because he was, ultimately
Successful. Like a ship without sail
Having neither direction, nor course
At the mercy of gales; instrumental
To achieving a fruitful journey.

Love’s Arena:

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Love respects neither person, nor place
Tracing many scurrilous avenues
Frivolously counting time, and space
Making mockery of hidden virtue
Sly gossip injuriously spurts around
Reeling unrequited mutual lust
Satiated prowess eked hardened ground
Adventurers boast; reliving each thrust
She looked so bewitchingly beautiful
Alluringly dressed, no hair out-of-place
Oozing coquettishly bad examples
Disguised with innocent, beguiling grace.

Darling, I want to serenade you
Shower scented flowers and cascade you
Insisting the world knows about you
Make sure everything adjoins you
They will be forced to honour you
Bestow sweet blessings upon you
Shine the brightest lights, for you
Enthuse all there is around you
Make them love and adore you
Until they have nothing, but you
Telling all there is to you
Exclaiming wondrous things about you
Sigh, and say ” I love you!”
So: making sure, this is actually for you.

Disturbing Our Future:

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Faith in God overcomes force of numbers
Deviously fickle heathens lose hope
It’s what they presume to actually do
Retelling grievous redundant futures
Lost virtues’ homophobic rituals
Placing doubt in undecided children
Casting belief’s propelled reality
Changing everything; to fit his theory
Strongly grounding ridiculous nonsense

Time flew into uncharacteristic
Rage; burning holes, obliterating life’s
Transcendent generations. Children thwart
Cultured prerequisites, historicised
Dead recipients purporting descent
Ancient spirits’ dependant survival
Curl beyond wispy atmospheric smoke
Eternity lost; consigned nothingness
Posterity donned wings, disappeared through
Unsealed cracks defiling skylight windows

Practising pitiful designs, against
unsuspecting victims cajoled with guile
Whilst insightful promises yield spiteful
Insecurity; nurtured dolefully
Harry’s world would not be tolerated
So how could decent people open doors
Boast devilishly fiendish occult spells
Prophesying ghoulish, outlandish fate
Foretelling things not actually known
Infusing designs; leading innocents
Along dirt-tracks coursing their destruction

Civilisation’s collapsible frame
Weaves fractious motions in society
Heady assimilation does; turning
Hypocrites’ imagined community
Contract killers employed by governments
Flouting systems’ vacant integrity
History is nothing but a jigsawed joke
Put together in vicious infamy
We know: truth has been openly abused
Wrapped in cottonwool-coated treachery

An Emerald Scion:

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Now: cease mocking Ireland’s Shamus
Cuttingly accented to laughs
Here is one greatly posthumous
Poet extraordinaire’s prized cap
Serial mimic’s true intent
Extolling rhyme most deeply felt
Life imbued can never be spent
Trousered brief’s manacled gold belt

Starched stiff-headed avant-garde
Speaking eloquently informed
A greater landmark than London’s Shard
Undoubtedly literature borne
Typhoon-esque assaults across seas
Hailed immortality’s swift gourd
Brought old master’s resplendent knees
Downed populous levels all heard

Virulent scion’s emerald isle
Unsettled Yeats’ unquestioned crown
Lyrically astute, much guile
Triggered verdant unmasking sound
Word undoes captivating past
Adherent’s immovable gilt frames
Intricately bolting blocks last
Adage: heroic stone carved names.

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