Fatal Car Crash:

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A hidden sniper stalks helpless prey

cooly luxuriating, over fawning victims

Reaping scythe aloft, to slay

Seams billowing claret resin

Frantic screams, bewilderingly curmudgeon

Scrape deep inner-eardrums’ empty walls

Carmine blankets befuddle surgeons

Shrieked claims enthuse roll calls

Waves carry; bouncing noise, reflected

Continues whirr-whirring, at pace

Wheels spinning mix silence – undetected

Keen ears espy broken, eclectic space

Traffic-dazzling on-coming glare

Annul time’s decadent seizure

Blinding flashes conceive heart-scare

Stricken life concocts amnesia

Concussion imagines collision clashes

Folded: totalled; unbending darkness

Tears stream – near death – sodden eyelashes

Muted grief’s involuntary distress

Silence permeates relentless siren

Repeats, flashing static-blue replay

Doors slam – slamming rehearsed unison

Raised voices hauntingly float away

Caught, in fate’s headlight intrusion

Technology makes determined stand

Whirr – whirring away damning illusions

Senseless swimming wont ever make land,

New World Disorder:

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Caught myself craving popularity
Courted friendships in thermos flasks
Wreaked wild-side shameless simplicity
Going downhill – very, very fast
Had so many partners, I lost count
Flitted around like headless chicken
Lost track; not knowing when to dismount
Looked like Ramsey’s nightmare kitchen

Arise virtuous conglomerate
Hark spittle on your clueless foe
Devour food, piled on hunger’s plate
Disappearing as chaff winds blow
Deviously concoct odious mixtures
Out of many surmise a whole
In life, there’s ‘never-no’ fixtures
Inventing foolish hyperbole

Cultural abbreviations nurse fear
Adroitly condoning racial divide
Their choice affecting generations
Seethe sanctions, paying for a bride
Breeding makes way for hush money
New flower evokes hybrid mongrel
Nationalism sparks something phony
Procured under bewitching spells

Better the demon you don’t know
Than black devils you’re afraid of
Allowing sly rituals to grow
Alongside you, in a pig’s trough
Faith congregates servile flames
Aglow with hopeful desire
Unleashing particular names
Applied as coals for the fire

Costing Economic Meltdown:

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Costing Economic Meltdown:.

Costing Economic Meltdown:

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Black horse stalking global continuum

Pickles innocents,  as avenging soldier

Hungry nationals contest every crumb

Angrily spewing Death’s pallid colour

Sanctioning civilised majority

Hounded in political entourage

Given credence; plotting votes to Banki

Humanity’s deadly gun-toting visage

Even Lagarde has been implicated

Shortly after Khan’s shameless debacle

Witness Grecian trust: curtly castrated

Whilst hand-in-hand at the highest table

Success, avidly, stalks strongest bidders

Along leafy suburbs with scarlet blinds

Deftly traced wily, affluent spiders

Wrapped-up in decadent seam More

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