She’s Gone:

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Destiny turns forbidden corner

Slyly invokes mind-bending choice

One slip beyond fate’s treacherous border

Pours silent scorn ‘pon loudest voice

King Cash inveigles vigilance

Quietly lulls with deft surprise

Poisoned future, as consequence

Weep, weep and mourn desolate cries


Look how sweet heaven opened

For honest people to see; scented

Aspirations bloom full season

Beyond nature’s facile recipe

Vengeful trolls invade fissured screens

Bleep in and out of broadcast

No slight idea they contravene

Values consigned realities past


Age conspired to take control

Fragrant career toiled well behind

Experience mourns depleted soul

Cruelly sentenced ‘life of crime.’

Beauty wont come out anymore

She’s locked in wrinkled, folded flesh

Blotchy, pimpled pus-weeping sores

Simply reduce to hideous mess


She looked bewitchingly beautiful

Alluring dress – no hair out of place

Coquettishly oozed slight examples

Beguilingly scoped innocent grace

Loitered such scurrilous avenues

Respected neither feeling, nor truth

Made sheer mock’ry of hidden virtue

Frivolously accounted spoiled youth


Trapped in devious glass vial

Sweet surrender succours tainted vice

Assume precious life: be trivial

Stunted silence could never suffice

Missed – without adequate explanation

Eagerly suck turmoil’s constraint

Darkest night expose limitation

Mute acceptance offer no complaint


New Dream seems irretrievably lost

Guaranteed survival lack success

This fantasised reality cost

Much more than readily confessed

Would have given anything she asked

Need not have cut to the very bone

Since taking love’s familiar to task

Paid very dearly; left all alone

Fillies On Show:

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Regal trumpet blare brass furore

Everything just stop: for royalty

Exquisite labels – a’ la haute couture

Scantily dress frivolous eye-candy

Quaintest sight coax hungry cam’ra

Suggests sexual ambience

Innuendo lace double entendre

Mint’ society par excellence

Queen Bet’ open hospitality door

Flaunt high Summer flamboyance appeal

Race, after race sufficient encore

Crowd rapture delightedly squeal

Family parade majesty’s splendour

Culture generations’ languid show

Feast provide benevolent vendor

Excitement travel further than crow

Rex Canute’s fruit-basket exercise

Spun off inverse postmodern throng

Convoluted social enterprise

Weaves through time still going strong

Fate pewters patronymic conflict

Corralled wealthy in-house advocate

Prancing debs leap Cupid’s fix

Desperately hope to infiltrate

Nouvelle cuisine quell anxiety

Compromised: quaff expensive champagne

Genial mares’ placid sobriety

Straddled down lusty lovers’ lane

Thoroughbred mount dripping honey cup

Hilted girth shoots stud-value spend

Cover bed and board hence, cleaning-up

‘A Trip To Paris ‘ railed dividends

Artful jockeys ride frenzied control

Hurtle bedevilled flesh-to-line

Frankel hallowed articulate bowl

Tributes paid praise ultimate equine

Most certainly will miss Sir Henry

Shining, dapper, ebullient knight

Equable peer-relative scenery

Posterity lessons: do things right

Crinkled cut tow gentlemen suit

Strain cleavage-button fit-to-burst

Sun-sparkle blondes camouflage roots

Tease Brillcreme bucks – ‘use’ t’ worst.’

Drop-length skirt snare roving eye

Colour-bound breath-taking gloss

Prized winner claim exultant cries

‘Puss-in-cahoots’ show, whose boss

Village fete preen; even lost children

Contribute reasons they’re called ‘firm.’

Centuries honed business acumen

Early bird share habitual return

Mem’ries make hist’ry’s revelation

Channel earth publish cryptic record

Sealed future enlightened medium

Year 2015 of Our Lord

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