Haunting The Dead:

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Colour breeds fragrant intention

Nature’s lead, for us to follow

Stand fast diversification

Multi-ethnicity’s on show

Racism performs devious sin

Craftily caused division, and rule

Wickedness casts psychotic grieving

Harmony cedes rarest of jewels

He didn’t know how to confront

Deep-seated problems buried in mind

Satisfied thoughts – as was his wont

Left rational feeling well behind

So much passed since earliest day

Still, he failed to garner remorse

Hatred simmered, whilst feigning play

Consciously aware he is that source

Advice bade: seek tangible help

Lazily declined, putting things off

Mentally entrenched – within himself

Demons perjure sadistic laugh

Most often ‘mongst amassed crowd

Situations render him candid

Sentiments expressed very loud

Hidden emotions soon exploded

He frequently lobbed banana

Exquisite pleasure coursed his face

Now a glorified crew regular

Membership yields priceless purchase

Roles soon reversed polarity

He’s now become a hunted beast

Riddled latent anxiety

Induces fear – to say the least

Race offers scant reservation

For people to see – we’re all the same

Even hated seeds of migration

Serve to ignite an age old game

“I’m all right Jack – got what I wanted

No need to steal and enslave you

Now get back – making me feel haunted

Slav’ry’s long gone – you should go too.”

There’s Fire Burnining:

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Afforded myself wild-side jaunts

Carefully ogled C.B.B

Miscellaneous social plants

Mixed outrageous celebrity

Diversity secretly gloats

Time-incubated role-devils

Aggregately downed viewers’ throats

Gambled expectant probables

Tell tale admonished silver birch

Dole metro-sexuality

Bitch-slapped periodic approach

Paused redundant causality

Yesterday’s frantic dream covers

Showcase expensive ambience

Force-played sluice-dripping left-overs

Starry-eyed youth compete, entranced

Placid-butt ingrained submissive

Engage silly, idle combustibles

Arranged ways chosen people give

Planned forays across simple clues

Mini examples ply rancid appeal

Spout edified, frivolous chat

Gut-wrenched slaver quickly congeals

treacherous, conniving lab-rats

Buxom short-skirted broads, arouse

Full-blooded macho interest

Temptation grips deceitful spouse

Caught between titillating breasts

Rouge seeps betrayal’s heaving bust

Tastily goading ‘phat’ rewards

Sold-out, bristling fleshly lust

Punched cash-incentive credit cards

Old friendships sever binding ties

Slippery birds grace feathered nests

No word of greeting – as crows fly

Titled cheats sporting well-marked crests

Two-on-one perform bedroom stance

Flout open, trusted symmetry

Callous, abused tame acceptance

Enjoy rampant carnality

Angel Wings:

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I saw an angel last night

He wasn’t wearing any wings

Every word he said was right

So I listened to ev’rything

‘Tell me: where is heaven? ‘ I asked

‘Here on planet earth,’ his reply

‘Have to take off that gilded mask

And prise open your spirit’s eye

‘O.K. then!  Where’s your angel wings?’

‘Right here; on the heavenly plane

Wafting shades, of tidings I bring

Whilst holding back the pouring rain.’

‘But God lives in heaven, ‘ I said

‘Too right – of course he does,’ said he

‘Sheds no light on what I’ve read.’

‘Doesn’t sound like you believe me.’

The angel then began to sing

chorale sounds of heavenly bliss

I felt a breeze, like wafted wings

As if my mind was lightly kissed

I looked to see where he had gone

Disappeared in a hazy mist

I saw no haloed mystic throng

Realized my dream revealed a twist

Blind To Reality:

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Everyone continues wearing pink

Red-hued sunshades; stubbornly pretending

Nothing has changed.  Of course world’s end occurred

During Queen Elizabeth’s centenary year

Following all roads – leading to London

People congregated the western hemisphere

Blinding themselves to almost submissively

Sublime Armageddon, taking place around us

Prophets of doom grew flickering, contagious roots

Steadily infecting fallow ground with poisonous

Head-spinning rhetoric, spouting revolution

Irreversible damage long since accumulated

Religious prophecies – though ignored – altogether

Went absolutely crazy: War – John’s black horse

Plastered planet earth, in unregistered swathes of violence

Disease – signified by his red horse – had already

Begun amassing thousands of tumultuous

Mind-sapping plagues; from eighty-two

Children were born – year on year – suffering

Hitherto unheard of complications

Heralding illnesses with partially obscured symptoms

One child lived in a sunlight-free tent

Another was born, impregnated with its twin

International financial collapse produced Hunger’s marauding tenure

The speckled horse – purveyor of famine and starvation

Affecting even first world  elite-society members

Rumour has it – in one instance – certain Muslim sects

Decreed special dispensation, allowing starved advocates

Permission to kill and devour cats and dogs

A crisis of conscience revealed: British communities

Unknowingly ate horsemeat, for years. A taboo never expected to

Be broken, or conceivably transgress social etiquette

No-one actually took notice of comical predictions

World’s end in two thousand twelve, so; when it

Happened, we hardly knew what to expect

Many thought: some megalomaniacal explosion

Wiping out civilisation – destroying our world – would ensue

Few dreamt mankind would suffer an induced state

Which we all now realize – covering worldwide

Social opinion in an undetectable miasmic haze

Nation states and their governments blunder aimlessly on

Like blood-sporting headless chicken

Their populations’ bewitched incredulity spiked

Surreal reports of endless atrocities; full on

Rumours scaremongering spiteful realities

Personal advancement – choreographed social aspiration

Has fatally coloured mankind’s avowed direction

Causing cataclysmic disrepair, to future world peace

Leaving – in its wake – a tide of hopeless conflict

We witness mass kidnappings, and abductions

Followed by irreverent silence, condoning unresolved case histories

Boko Haram, Isil, Al Qaeda and Al shabab

All stalk the earth, plying their fearless repertoire

Deathly, destructive violence – in name of religion

Fast losing credibility, rendering itself defunct

Foucault was right: religion is timed to extinction

Devotees are, ultimately, destined to refute their faiths

By works and deeds previously disassociated from belief

Poetry’s relentless ascendancy is augured to be

Championed social delinquency and hapless design

Sexuality’s poetic smatterings will disconnect

Faith in silent unsubstantiated deities; fed on a diet

revered through death – John’s pale horse – wielded by

Crazed fanatics, whipped into murderous frenzy

Society’s body-politic has usurped democracy, replacing

Bureacratic obeisance with wealth-seeking selfish alignment

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