On The Waiting List:

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That’s what they do now-a-days

Purposely: leaving you hanging

Forgotten in ‘the must wait’ tray

Your importance is ‘no big thing.’

“Mate!  I’ll see you later, tonight.

If not, it’ll be tomorrow.”

Says that, when you’re destined for slight

Irritation – placed on the ‘go-slow.’

Beats me – why they bother to talk

It’s totally irresponsible

Like a fool, left to stew in the dark

He’ wholly unreliable

A quick phone-call would amply suffice

His conscience should remember I’m here

Still waiting on you – told me thrice

“Definitely!”  Made loud and clear

Says – all the time back home, ‘soon come!’

Like a dog, to a bone – you wait

Foolishly outstaying your welcome

Naively swallowing imaginary bait

No intention of coming back this way

Just purposely left you hanging

Forgotten in ‘the must wait tray,’

Shows your importance is nothing

Cally Bantan:

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Yes lion!  Majestical Bantan

We know JAH invisible

Still!  Thou art man

Visit Iration; something wicked, deadful and terrible

Reversed production plan

Reluctantly: they begrudgingly

Overstand; living word

Intervened – lovingly taking hand

Make no mistake – proving everyone

In throes of Revelation

This ghetto champion paved our way

Fly dreadlocks – grace mount ZionI

Angels with instruments, sweet music do play

Giving thanks and praise; blessings to the Most High

Ras! You mash-up Babylon; it’s totally wrecked

See! you’re in stars, virtuously bedecked

Enjoin JAH-JAH spirit; flesh-I-Cally cease

Receive holy, most righteous release

Yes! Our illustrious Bantan

Look now – reach victory gate

Long time rootsman; brethren Dan

‘Pon these lyrics mindfully meditate

Wear Selassie I seal: Nyahbinghi order

Never see one – so much zeal – cross the border

Carry Rasta further; over mystical seas

Wicked wa’an charge f’i murder

Hail Nyah!  Secure eternal peace

Bless the great Cally Bantan

True and living Rastaman

A Novel Way To Take:

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Jealousy short as envy screw

Frazzled mind sore blighted

Crazily chased after you

Spitting eccentric superlatives

Arrows pierce besotted mawking

Fuddled intentions make mistake

One thousand million reworking’s

Hardly soothe unnecessary heartache

Misplaced wiles hope, seeking love

Knowing not she deemed flow

Thoughts conjure secret treasure trove

Hidden climes course west wind blow

Shouted – perchance her answered call

But, failed to garner good response

Echoes bouncing loudly bawled

Emotional waves cruelly danced

“Sweet me not!  You devil may care

Many times seen your raucous way

Having me on your bed threads bared

Fleshly lust you deign fore play

She quickly sought to thwart my mind

Teased until rude thoughts explode

Refused my heart space, to unwind

Neither enter my scented abode

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