Wickedest Backshot: x-rated

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True love divines seamless hearts

Bursting uncontrolled desire

Belligerent emotions play part

Balanced on very thin wire

Hope transforms hardest chances

Forgives, when easier levying blame

Life cajoles token romances

Limps along avenues, breaking shame


Girls meet boys’ Christmas party

Alcohol fuelling sexual guile

Flirty chat thwarts sobriety

Come-on signs endorse broad smiles

Frantic, frisky paws roam all over

Leads wantonly through bathroom door

Hurriedly rip clothes off, each other

Wandering touch seeks more, and more


Bent double, seething bumpers expose

Naked arse, raised ridiculously

High; tangled hair conceal pouting rose

Eager hands prise trembling thigh

Rampant piston plunges deep

Hungrily bludgeons throbbing sluice

Drizzled perspiration slowly creeps

Heated flesh, dripping mingled juice

Shooting bullets pierce grasping clutch

Physical jerks emphasise each shot

Filled the tank of a rabid slut

Congealed cream – in her crevice – clots


Doleful eyes seek shaded cover

Shamed expression very explicit

Quickly withdraws empty shooter

Awkward feeling now complicit

Silence reigns timid embarrassment

They shuffle – side to side – very discreet

Both satisfied – a penny well spent

No conversation about next meet


Obviously, each used the other

Lust overcame demure etiquette

It’s destined, to go no further

Time to move on without regret

deviant sex, easily forgotten

Tells sad tales of wilful design

These things happen very often

Gives good reason, why: love is blind.














Menage et Trois:

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Promiscuous lies are quite often

Very much one-sided affairs

Love-locked in submissive coffins

Sweetly stirred without any care

Sold out, to tempting fleshly lust

Old friendships sever binding ties

Betrayal seeps rouge and heaving bust

No word of greeting, as crow flies


Two on one – in bedroom stance

Flout openly trusted symmetry

Callously abused tame acceptance

Enjoy rampant sexuality

Hog-speared between a roasting spit

Suck Eve’s apple, tasting Adam’s rod

Secrets abound on regular trips

Many fibs end with, ‘honest to god!’


Fantasies cloud visions, made unclear

Thigh length boots girding mottled cave

Dressed to kill in flimsiest wear

All trussed up as willing sex slave

Perspiration sheens added spice

Splayed wide-open, invitingly

One each end emphasising, twice

Bent, contorted ecstasy


Rabid pistons pump – top and tail

Legs flail, thrashing against restraint

Fervent mouthing cedes, saliva’s veil

Satisfied coos signal no complaint

Head back, shamelessly devoid of care

Thick, throaty gasps exude delight

Delighted sounds fill scented air

Convulsing torso; an awesome sight


Home to roost, with innocent eyes

Quicksilver tongue ekes polished guile

Practised pitching perfect lies

Body language oozed exquisite style

And so, to the marital bed

Showered clean and ready to go

Pumping hard, giving luscious head

Clean hearts can’t grieve what they don’t know



















Armageddon Came Home:

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Heard it on the rainbow, for sure

Silence condoned our ignorance

Power and ingenuity no more

Belong to western dominance

Change is so obvious, people

Pretend stagnant fecundity

Too afraid of religion’s disreputable

absorption into social impropriety


Filthy secrets cruelly manipulate

World finances tilted axis

Gnarled refugees corroborate

Death’s tight grip beneath restless seas

Grief and sorrow can’t ever plumb

Neglected children’s fish-farmed graves

Belligerent waters kill for fun

What use: sentiments, ‘Jesus saves?’


Trapped, in hell of their own choosing

Surrounded by luxurious sumptuiity

Riddled, with each stab of Satan’s sting

Doleful eyes extorting pity

Charges laid, crossing ocean Styx

Collect revenue, then; lay down

To pray, force-playing their bag of tricks

Young and defenceless left to drown

In total disarray


Judgment is reserved for the wicked

His lot is more than one bear

Known, as a person who’s crooked

A pretend friend who thieves your share

These days, they trade innocent lives

Scourge of society’s deepest fear

Exploded brick replace bloodied knives

Terrorists stalk streets, far and near


Still they claim our Father blessing

Many lost to wanton destruction

Paradise. an excuse for killing

Traded in exchange for perdition

“Listen!”  God has no truck with religion

Spiritual life is not man-made

War abounding dire contagion

The whole globe is sore afraid.




























Hear Young Voices:

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Meditation well expansive

Some focussing global terrain

miniature worlds’ science exclusive

Technology gone blatantly insane

Information thrives wicked black-market

Nation states stand not an earthly chance

Involved in salacious mega-money rackets

Teenage lolitas – for supper – dance

Circles forced into unfitting squares

Mirror hungry children when cupboards

Bare; lost, tiresome weary space

Compelled to hug, eat warm embrace

Setting stall, obviously knowing the drill

On occasion, love can kill

Relentlessly divining hatred, née

Jealousy supreme; invisibly

Conspiring ostentatious extreme

Pay priced, neglectful misconception

Opened drains effect misappropriation

Guide, support, teach them from young

Keep up streaming equilibrium

Suffer yourself; be paid in full

Judgment prefers bending backs, who pull

Education’s beautiful road to salvation

Disseminates knowledge, sharing our load

Imputed History’s diasporic concentration

Each individual ‘selects’ destiny’s abode

Making – sometimes – avaricious choices

Religion exudes definitive tracks

Tempted souls endure contentious noises

Yielding soiled obnoxious attacks.

No-one Remembers:

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Memories quietly shear recesses of our minds

Leaving bitterness wrapped in painful reams, entwined

When these doors are opened

Boiling hearts instruct much tears

In fruitless, unpaid attempts to wash away the years

Cookie jars are empty, evening shadows long

Remembering four and twenty, as we try to sing that song

Wilful thoughts contrive to bring, worthless ill report

Mother’s carefully wrought time, of solace and relief

Oftentimes desperate, undeniably brief; in timely

Brought grace, laced with gut-wrenching grief

Loving You:

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Darling, I want to serenade you

Shower scented flowers, and cascade you

Insist the whole world knows about you

Make sure everything adjoins to you

They will be forced to honour you

Bestow sweet blessings upon you

Shine the most brightest lights for you

Enthuse all there is around you

Make them all love and adore you

Until we have nothing, but you

Telling absolutely everything there is, to you

Explaining wondrous things about you

Sigh, and say “I love you!”

So, Making sure, this is actually for you

Sentiments Long Overdue:

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Beautiful black bird’s essence in flight

Flowing free, irrepressibly

Our beacon soliciting: truth and right

We are forever indebted to thee

Reward for allowing us to perch

On your soaring wing

Scourge of thought provoking curfews

Alluding empowerment and strength

so, of liberty unhindered we may sing

To extol your glory’s long awaited design

Honour so overdue and becoming

Forever forced to the back of our mind

Now History has obliterated reality

To be controversially present in actuality

I proudly salute you

Protector of my wavering sanity

Purveyor of my once unsighted equality

May we proudly stroll hand-in-hand

Along beckoning Freedom’s Avenue

The apes they once mocked, are now

Released from the zoo

Encouraged to shed their gorilla suits, on cue

Exposing, unsurprisingly, perfected human

Specimen; architects responsible for

Orchestrating passage through

Un-negotiable terrain: nourishing our

Young, delivering them safe

Secure at the threshold of adulthood

Smiting advancing trophy hunters

On the crest of a wave

Exuding sentiment and power; our greatest good

Maya Angelou informed us, so long ago

In word we must trust

Always to be aware and know

You are the cradle of civilisation

The hub of human creation; unchallenged

Mother of all nations – most rightfully deserving an

Unqualified standing ovation – stand up people

I salute you, I salute you

Beautiful black bird – essence in flight

I applaud and salute you

Woman, you are my heart

With a hasted quickening beat

Allowing me to take irreplaceable part

My body enveloped in rising unmistakeable heat

I salute you, beautiful black bird

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