Solomon’s Gold:

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Satisfied her name was Makeda

Researched well; checked and double checked

But, the bible calls her Sheba

Who Solomon happened to disrespect

Arabs maintain her name is Belkis

From a long line of ancient obeah-men

Definitely ruled as candace

Way past bordering Yemen


David’s seed ruled Ethiopia

Also reigned as Rehoboam

Doubled Israel’s yoke much harder

Jehoiachin soon exiled Shusan

Jesus came from same root, and branch

Fulfilled those ancient prophecy

Stricken pharisees appeared to blanch

Whenever Christ make testimony


‘There will be wars, and rumors of war

At the time of his future coming,’

Situations we’ve seen twice before

He was there – witnessed everything

Kids have had children, regularly

Seen that particular one done

Religion has turned infamy

A sign: our battle is won


‘He shall have a new name,’ it said

And we shall be singing a new song

Judgment: wicked, terrible and dread

Trodding the winepress much too long

Same who hallowed burning, green bush

And, in EliJAH deathly still breeze

A good few times, at a push

Between a murderer, and a thief.





A New name:

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It’s very easy coaxing feel good

Factors, prance around like

Effeminate actors, hoping

To secure a position, satisfying

Naked ambition.  Naievety faces

Cruel reversals hinged on experience

Based progression; growth implies

Skilled dispersal applied

Encouragement, yielding possession


Mysteries pervade normal life

Awkwardly raise unanswered

Questions, thought lays quizzical doubt

Slowly merging materials

Also, guiltily intends tight

Vestibules throwing shadowed dark

Spaces, as far to say: there can

Be no light without dark places


It’s almost sheer improbable

Legend, proclaiming our everlasting

Star; mixed enigmatic revelation

Woven flawlessly real into personal

Nature.  Our ‘Sun Of Righteousness’

Conserves duality equally explicit

Consciousness living interwoven flesh

Truth imposes moral limits

Cast ominously long shadows

On-toward light contrasted darkness


And so, perceive evilous Hades

Yet, people see through channelled

Sight, on-path to brilliant light

Amidst sudden, darkened spaces

Earth reveals faith’s cosmic aura

As God looks from heaven

Angels and men towards rapture

Light devoured darkness, once again.


Always on, and about world anew

Real time: making obvious one, and only

One; there really is a golden

City, seraphim attend Mighty Ruler

‘This’ and ‘That’ man unquestionably

Born-in-her, our Father-Creator

Actually moved that mountain, quite

Some time ago; especially, in the tomb

Under king David’s seal – and then

‘Until Shiloh’ ; JAH-JAH spirit

‘Faithful and True,’ Is for real.


Socialized Eugenics:

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Obvious Jews didn’t like us

Quickly shift when we phased in

Katz chemist, Zermansky’s bread crusts

Disappeared to Moortown precinct

Asians bought Chapeltown parade

Banks’ colour-bar made it easy

Government backed racist charade

Left blacks in future poverty


Revolted, to draw attention

We weren’t getting none of the cake

Headed for asphyxiation

Might as well jump in Roundhay lake

Those boat-loads in the seventies

We were cruelly outnumbered

Saturated inner cities

Our communities soon lumbered


Cultured social mobility

Enhanced segregation tactics

Corner shops unscrupulously

Engineered Darwin’s schematics

They factored closet apartheid

Thatcher sprang her devious trap

‘ …. work to feed mortgages, for pride …. ‘

Hungry kids marked criminal map


Infiltrated city councils

Represent lopsided balance

No representatives, but still

Negroes said to have equal chance

Religious tolerance favour

Allegiance to pagan based crypts

Groomed clever terrorist neighbour

RastaFari deemed Illicit


Educated for quick money

Bookworms tediously too long

Down’t forge, cleaned lavatories

Who cared it was morally wrong

Have no parliament candidates

New immigrants have done better

Social arena now pulsates

Civil strife, traced to the letter


No wonder we live in ghetto

Evil state plan, keeping control

Illegal migrants now follow

Race insensitive hyperbole

‘Britain’s classless society

Embraces colour, race and creed.’

Riddled with stark iniquity

That statement sows the Devil’s seed.




Imperial Distory:

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You’re so heinously selective

Truth blunders off that slimy tongue

Forgot Gaius’ abortive

Attempt; when he was very young

We remember Caesar’s beach-head

It’s impossible to forget

Civilisation’s opened spread

Fought primitive druids they met

Glorious Fool came with big fanfare

Londinium gave great welcome

Crossed Tower bridge in his raised chair

Temples worshipped him, with aplomb

Those Nubians would have been used

For elephants under control

Memory severely abused

Not mentioned in History’s roll

Claudius left garrisons here

We assume none of them was black

Written out of domesday’s sphere

Safe to presume they all went back

To Africa, or even Rome

Strong hands were needed to build roads

Maybe, the negroes were sent home

Cos that story quickly erode

Severus was emperor here

And his son: ruled Eboracum

Title Africanus made sure

West Africa is where he’s from

We’re told of abolitionists

Not Equiano, or Douglas

Quite conveniently Dismissed

Our brave ex-slaves fought for us

Classless Society:

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Favourable first impressions

Goad heated boisterous rapport

Demure looks, stunning expressions

Attract frenzied, drooling support

Reassurance calms conducive

Situations under duress

Rather shy, slyly elusive

Hesitant, excited, breathless


Deb plays her part extremely well

Mummy’s prompts followed expertly

Chose when, to: make her cleavage swell

Company of rich, old money

Innocent susceptible gauche

Became vulnerable, then stressed

Resembled a beautiful Porsche

Powerful engine purred, when pressed


Tortured eyes scope bulging chassis

Raised bumper protrudes jutting cup

Promises future ecstasy

Relentlessly teased, screams enough

Endowed suitors show endeavour

No recognisable balance

Self-esteem descends disorder

Weird, coltish behaviour askance


Fate’s eligible bachelors

Survey excellent ripened fruit

Preside like college professors

In control of audacious groups

Wily cads embellish sweet lies

Skirt wide-eyed punctilious crop

Distorted truth they falsify

Mimics cream rising to the top.




Armageddon: Beast and his Satan

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Rev,  12: vs., 7 – 9.

‘And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels.

And prevailed not; neither was their place found anymore in heaven.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.’


The preaching of the cross, is for those who preach foolishness but, unto; Us who are saved: it is the power of Almighty, Living God.

The Devil and his demons intrinsically despise the presence, of Our great and wonderful, ever-living God; they are hosted in the physical bodies of deluded and – more often, than not – deranged human beings.  Two excellent and exemplified points of reference, are: Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Hitler personified the heinous ignominious ‘Beast’, who is exposed and identified, in John’s book – Revelation.  The tyrant Mussolini epitomizes the Beast’s Satan; Churchill called him, ‘The Jackal Of Europe.’  They were both exposed, as: undeniably murderous, racist, self-obsessive, belligerent, bullying and extraordinarily violent men.  Hitler wistfully sought to assume Almighty God’s mantle, and definitive position, claiming the divine title of ‘Father’.  He, initially, became known as ‘fuhrer’ of the German people, a; title he tried collectively imposing, on the successive nations he overcame by force. Mussolini superimposed his will over The Roman Catholic church; inveigling pope Paul to bless Italy’s war effort, not least, the: donation of Italian wives’ wedding rings – cynically smelted – for the Italo – Ethiopic conflict, at the outset of his territorial war against Haile Selassie, and the Ethiopian people. Mussolini authorised the illegal use of a chemically affiliated weapon of war, termed ‘mustard’ gas, which was explicitly used, and; against the terms – and legal directives – of the internationally recognised Geneva convention.

Satan unleashed: he proceeded to spread evilous strife and discord throughout the whole earth.  They obviously reckoned without, the: will, guidance, protection and omnipotence of, ‘The Lord Our Righteousness,’ the great and terrible God of Abraham (El Elyon).  The internationally renowned League of Nations was presumed defunct, terminally disbanded because of its inability to safeguard, the lesser protected aspirants of its membership.  The United Nations – of which Selassie was instrumental in bringing about – was inaugurated in its stead.

‘ …. there has not been peace in the world since the battle of Adowa ….’  Martha Gellhorn made a strong argument on this point.

With eyes flashing like vitriolic streaks of lightning, his words thundered all around the entire arena: ‘ …. until the philosophy which holds one race superior, and another inferior, is finally and permanently: discredited and abandoned, utterly destroyed …. until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance, than the colours of his eyes, then, everywhere there will be war!  ….’

What Single Men Do:

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Memories hold special places, trouble

is, they’re not always good.  Dark avenues

leave poignant traces, episodes we’d erase

if we could.  Tearful experience cloud our

minds, remind of loved ones passed through reality.

This mortal coil seriously binds hurtful,

lined pretentious congeniality.  Mother is absurdly

generic: delicious foods and sweet-smelling clothes,

essence of thoughts wholly concentric, grounded

sentiments age never erodes.  Then she’s gone –

absolutely – missing; friends speak of theirs

with reverence.  I’m left feeling good for nothing

grief contorts painful words, into silence


Cold comforts console destitute minds,

thoughts  – once engaged – meander active pursuits,

drifting away from treatment deemed unkind,

gained profitable access to enviable fruits.

Solitude vacates spatial awareness, swallowed

deep in meditation; allows timed personal

introspection, tediously in excess of stupid

mistakes: dissects, distinguish and relives,

exact moments of heartache; taking calculated

time, on which decisions to make


Lost in reverie, totally unperturbed by unfathomed

mystery, eccentricity ekes congenial belonging,

as if: verified authenticity can be measured by

lengths of retractable string.  Activity soon divulges teasing

attraction: games of eight-ball conclude in company

of promiscuous action.  Either choice exudes

stimulating options, denoting decisions broached;

almost very often male egos coached the latter, a;

buxom woman laid on an embroidered silver platter


Caught in sexual temptation, our hero

exercised proverbial rights, elected

inveigled degradation; conducts sessional

debauchery lasting whole night

Experience defies appropriate explanation,

delving immoral concern; physically contorted

devious experimentation shows: just how

much he’s willing to learn.  Placed in

compromised position, man will seemingly

bow to exasperated temptation; allowing himself

to be drawn into situations forlorn, hinting

soiled depravity’s secret desperation.


Love Hangs Over:

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Cupid’s arrow flies, fever pitched

Silken touch persists discretely

Romance runs smooth, without a hitch

Besotted victims fall sweetly

‘Head over heels,’ teeter the edge

Enrapt, totally committed

Soft whispered words usher their pledge

Now they can’t bear to be parted


Love hits like rabid citrus boosts

Quickly unsettles composure

Gremlins grate – accidently loosed

Gaffes humiliate disclosure

Suddenly, things can turn awry

Light’s amorous instance left dark

Slightest infraction makes her cry

Treasured moments devoid of spark


When all is done, it’s not a crime

To realize there’s no more thrill

Relationships close – calling time

On recognition’s bitter pill

Boredom became enforced habit

We spent each evening playing games

Suffered every turgid minute

Fought to rekindle fizzled flames


It’s best not to harbour remorse

Distended hearts leak boiled hatred

Better to forgive and change course

Show goodwill, even belated

Though abject feelings go askew

Cracked minds pick up broken pieces

Of course, real life does continue

Emotions heal as pain decreases.

Built On Sand:

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Rancid boil mars unblemished skin

Misplaced amongst cultured wares

Simply exposed, without talent

Cynic relying on mistakes

Belligerent fake without ends

Rather quite backward, to be fair

Lack ability’s ambition

Gelled precious little resources


Many pretentious usurpers

Aren’t ‘quite’ what they would seem

Bogus untoward come latelies

Maintain desire, in due course

Win at all cost mentality

Sleight: bruised, confused bewildered peers

Offensive unheralded blot

Explicitly ruffles smoothed grain


Personal debilitation

Infiltrate metanarrative

Subtle surreptitious quotients

Specialise elitist nuance

Coercive acceptance conform

Sorely basked occasioned bias

Condoned factual Uncle Tom

Held steadfast, ancient tradition


Power based archaic bloodlines’

Covert fusion span centuries

Deceit riddled institution

Poisons society’s high flag

Systematic clauses tightened

Lay schemed subterfuge, unsighted

Even though victims keep banging

Disturbed minds ‘gainst virtual walls



Beautiful Queen Rose:

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El Elyon @ Bier La Hai Roi:

My Father-Creator made the earth

Allowed mankind to devise the world

His son – singlehandedly – said

‘Let there be light!’

And his holy, divine spirit moved

Across the face of the waters

Father, Son and Holy one from creation

Three, indisputably one

As confirmed, without deliberation or fuss

He said: “let Us make man, in the image of Us.’


Beauty commands adoration; our rose

preens superficial control, holding light

with her limited tenure; cajoled fragility’s

tinted span, endorsing completed attraction.

A slight gust persuaded petals – opened,

fragrant aroma’s floated breeze

Coursed and compelled ignorant attention’s

Acknowledged assent of beguiled presence


Drizzled rains add lustred sheen, globules

trail down her virgin cup; allowed slow trickle

Through sated folds – flared consent poised to shine.

Brilliant rouge, hinting pink, ascend towards

sunlight’s streamed rays; proudly aloof,

reminiscent of flustered peacocks.  She flexed

atop her thorny stem, coolly ensuring

bitter sweet regalia, precociously promised.


At the peak of sun’s powers

we perceive her bloom – uncannily transparent

silken tranquillity emits silent haloes

cocooned around iridescent space

eyes entranced, held wholly transfixed

she befits her sparkled tiara, aloft

mid-flight; bending light in that

circular prism, flashing her beauteous smile.





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