No luxuriant polite goodbyes

Unexpectedly left, secretly

Vain, despicable callous lies

Sheltered unwarranted travesty

Cocooned foldings flood errant mind

Gift-wrapped bitter sweet misery

Forcibly blundered, purposely blind

Toward inadvertent liberty


Untimely resources hold on

Addictive thoughts feel kept alive

Reminded: resolve must always strong

Spoiled circumstance somehow survive

Craved yearning results hollowed scream

Constantly hounded night turned day

Induced dark, nightmarish dream

Beauteous times gone – wont go away


Memories cling – seriously hurt

Too weak, can’t totally banish them

Reduced; eating poisonous dirt

Woe: unmitigated problem

Awoke, released from crass figment

Disappointment wracks constantly

Refused, foolishly, to relent

Adoration’s token reverie


Darling bitter sweet misery

Ensconced within strained, tired brain

Illicitly sourced ecstasy

Confined corner harbouring pain

These troubles may soon disappear

If wilful seedlings would but concede

Doctor’s surgery quite close – near here

Offers escape; kill psychic feed


Medics might appease broken hearts

An ailment sorely cryptic, and drawn

Fell for that evil sadistic tart

Of whom friends previously warned

Supposed, coming early eve’ning

Sat here abused, mesmerised footstool

Non appearance now regular thing

True love perseveres, as a rule.