Fevered writes peak satisfaction

Sequel themed factual pretence

Pre-signed floats coat interaction

Deceived readers engross suspense

Description rules uncanny roost

Cleverly codes mirthed paraphrase

Thoughts shred; acquire psychic boost

Quickly discern boredom’s malaise


Aptly choice words blended statements

Solitaire’s melancholic plight

Ruefully coerced arrangements

Embarked on literary flight

Crisp rhyming adds uplifting song

Spoken; delightful poets’ lilt

Makes conjunctions – seemingly wrong

Trip off silk tongues like manna spilt


Wordsworth didn’t have things easy

Worked hard, plied perfection’s trade

Structured and carved – no doubt busy

Sustained artisan’s turning lathe

‘Daffodils,’ his immortal star

Ambles through readings year, to year

Timed capsule hurtled so far

Dominant, like a ‘Burning Spear.’


Bookworms apply contested proof

Set standards deemed incidental

Constantly remaining aloof

Stood upright snobbing recitals

No mentioning those sleep-starved nights

Candlelight burnt respective ends

Finished article holds contrite

Hours bard diligently spends


Shelly’s smooth co-rehearsed whispers

Cajole captivated students

Turned wilted sheep into leaders

Squatted minds without paying rent

Excitedly filled fresh fruit bowls

Mouths – sorely enticed – wont decline

Knowledge serves food for rested souls

Harboured in perpetual shrines