Picture full, worldly make believe

Instantly sparkled actual reality

Girded sharp pretence cites bereaved

Truth, grounded superficiality

Women rule controlled affairs

Don expensive swish suits – drive fast car

Men attracted by confidently fixed stares

Realized dream, scale society’s most popular


Imagine they’re called macho names

Ruggedly dressed, wearing patent leather shoes

Total aggressors via violent ball games

This time, lady really sings the blues

Of course God’s esteemed, deemed female

Pray to her, feeling somewhat unreal

Men need release cards to get out of gaol

Either that or, resigned to cook evening meals


Suffragette city, sanctuary for men

Government financed equal rights think tank

Radio broadcasts for people to listen

Frontline warriors always pull rank

Dominant women school men under thumb

Inclined to shot them a stinging slap

Or, kept quiet under intoxicating rum

If all else fails, told to shut their trap


Girl pick’ney, favoured in childbirth

Bargained for, like extended conservatories

A system based on economic worth

Prized assets fetch lucrative dowries

Darwin became instrumental

His theory the main catalyst

Men ruthlessly groomed as lesser mortals

Kept under rule by her iron fist