Takes a great deal to deter old lags

Hard cash also great incentive

This time around sourced special blag

Criminals seized initiative

Bang in the heart of London’s diamond

Centre, thieves sought audacious sting

Surely this was too much, to respond

On Offer: entire world of bling


Many cried teacups full, of tears

Such a thing is unbelievable

Plenty head-scratching when mist clears

Who could be so irresponsible

Brilliantly endowed investment

Connived sneak, well-rehearsed screw

Taken clean – no insurance spent

Benefactors turned electric blue


Long shadows pull secret faces

Simply overhauled perplexed minds

Witnesses lurk, sighting traces

Filtered between discarded vines

Sheltered years meticulously

Planned outrageous act, coolly spun

Heist – Britain’s biggest burglary

Distractions caused by holiday fun


Red-faced police pooled resources

P.C.  Plod through Flying squad

Harried liaisons brought Yard forces

Determined to recoup record hoard

Impossible trail espied graveyard

Notwithstanding, crafty birds flown

Clamped a group of senior diehards

Made history – their legend has grown.