This proper roodbwoy delinquent

Spent time prowling ghetto frontline

Juggled A-class rather frequent

Drank brandy and champagne combined

Loved girls; slick flamboyant player

Fancied himself pussy magnet

Calmly collected gunslinger

Escaped Regional’s tight dragnet


Goes by ‘Original Gangst’ar,’

Fantastic  dress sense mirror street

Adolescence, hinting danger

Skirt excitement’s challenging beat

Absolutely brimming surprises

Wheeled soft-top M3; people bowed

Tainted, unacceptable vices

Harboured no reason to be proud


Lead fully-loaded mobile crew

Sported blinging designer threads

Influence gradually grew

Enemies turned-tail, quickly fled

Dadd’a of notorious pack

Feared beyond city boundaries

Graduated peddling crack

Despite heated, local rivalries


Disappearance almost too sudden

We all questioned his whereabouts

Probably banged-up in prison

Or, maybe laid low – hiding out

Finally met a sticky end

Taken out – two bullets in his head

Cruelly murdered by supposed friend

Chapeltown’s fearless roodbwoy found dead


Ponder starvation’s low-life dregs

Poverty’s snookered cul-de-sac

Urban war demands dark courage

Constantly bent down avoiding flack

Ruthless survivors live hand-to-mouth

Kill – lest you be killed situation

Crime’s adopted only way out

Cradled souls refute deprivation.


Extract: he makes her wait, trailing fingers: over, across and around her navel’s region, briskly rubbing her pelvic area, above the top of her legs.  Exaggerated moaning increased into laboured groaning, as her besieged, beleaguered body thrust upward, with disturbing force; convincing him the time was right, undoubtedly.  He was now going to ‘put it on her.’