El Elyon @ Bier La Hai Roi:

My Father-Creator made the earth

Allowed mankind to devise the world

His son – singlehandedly – said

‘Let there be light!’

And his holy, divine spirit moved

Across the face of the waters

Father, Son and Holy one from creation

Three, indisputably one

As confirmed, without deliberation or fuss

He said: “let Us make man, in the image of Us.’


Beauty commands adoration; our rose

preens superficial control, holding light

with her limited tenure; cajoled fragility’s

tinted span, endorsing completed attraction.

A slight gust persuaded petals – opened,

fragrant aroma’s floated breeze

Coursed and compelled ignorant attention’s

Acknowledged assent of beguiled presence


Drizzled rains add lustred sheen, globules

trail down her virgin cup; allowed slow trickle

Through sated folds – flared consent poised to shine.

Brilliant rouge, hinting pink, ascend towards

sunlight’s streamed rays; proudly aloof,

reminiscent of flustered peacocks.  She flexed

atop her thorny stem, coolly ensuring

bitter sweet regalia, precociously promised.


At the peak of sun’s powers

we perceive her bloom – uncannily transparent

silken tranquillity emits silent haloes

cocooned around iridescent space

eyes entranced, held wholly transfixed

she befits her sparkled tiara, aloft

mid-flight; bending light in that

circular prism, flashing her beauteous smile.