Rancid boil mars unblemished skin

Misplaced amongst cultured wares

Simply exposed, without talent

Cynic relying on mistakes

Belligerent fake without ends

Rather quite backward, to be fair

Lack ability’s ambition

Gelled precious little resources


Many pretentious usurpers

Aren’t ‘quite’ what they would seem

Bogus untoward come latelies

Maintain desire, in due course

Win at all cost mentality

Sleight: bruised, confused bewildered peers

Offensive unheralded blot

Explicitly ruffles smoothed grain


Personal debilitation

Infiltrate metanarrative

Subtle surreptitious quotients

Specialise elitist nuance

Coercive acceptance conform

Sorely basked occasioned bias

Condoned factual Uncle Tom

Held steadfast, ancient tradition


Power based archaic bloodlines’

Covert fusion span centuries

Deceit riddled institution

Poisons society’s high flag

Systematic clauses tightened

Lay schemed subterfuge, unsighted

Even though victims keep banging

Disturbed minds ‘gainst virtual walls