Cupid’s arrow flies, fever pitched

Silken touch persists discretely

Romance runs smooth, without a hitch

Besotted victims fall sweetly

‘Head over heels,’ teeter the edge

Enrapt, totally committed

Soft whispered words usher their pledge

Now they can’t bear to be parted


Love hits like rabid citrus boosts

Quickly unsettles composure

Gremlins grate – accidently loosed

Gaffes humiliate disclosure

Suddenly, things can turn awry

Light’s amorous instance left dark

Slightest infraction makes her cry

Treasured moments devoid of spark


When all is done, it’s not a crime

To realize there’s no more thrill

Relationships close – calling time

On recognition’s bitter pill

Boredom became enforced habit

We spent each evening playing games

Suffered every turgid minute

Fought to rekindle fizzled flames


It’s best not to harbour remorse

Distended hearts leak boiled hatred

Better to forgive and change course

Show goodwill, even belated

Though abject feelings go askew

Cracked minds pick up broken pieces

Of course, real life does continue

Emotions heal as pain decreases.