Favourable first impressions

Goad heated boisterous rapport

Demure looks, stunning expressions

Attract frenzied, drooling support

Reassurance calms conducive

Situations under duress

Rather shy, slyly elusive

Hesitant, excited, breathless


Deb plays her part extremely well

Mummy’s prompts followed expertly

Chose when, to: make her cleavage swell

Company of rich, old money

Innocent susceptible gauche

Became vulnerable, then stressed

Resembled a beautiful Porsche

Powerful engine purred, when pressed


Tortured eyes scope bulging chassis

Raised bumper protrudes jutting cup

Promises future ecstasy

Relentlessly teased, screams enough

Endowed suitors show endeavour

No recognisable balance

Self-esteem descends disorder

Weird, coltish behaviour askance


Fate’s eligible bachelors

Survey excellent ripened fruit

Preside like college professors

In control of audacious groups

Wily cads embellish sweet lies

Skirt wide-eyed punctilious crop

Distorted truth they falsify

Mimics cream rising to the top.