It’s very easy coaxing feel good

Factors, prance around like

Effeminate actors, hoping

To secure a position, satisfying

Naked ambition.  Naievety faces

Cruel reversals hinged on experience

Based progression; growth implies

Skilled dispersal applied

Encouragement, yielding possession


Mysteries pervade normal life

Awkwardly raise unanswered

Questions, thought lays quizzical doubt

Slowly merging materials

Also, guiltily intends tight

Vestibules throwing shadowed dark

Spaces, as far to say: there can

Be no light without dark places


It’s almost sheer improbable

Legend, proclaiming our everlasting

Star; mixed enigmatic revelation

Woven flawlessly real into personal

Nature.  Our ‘Sun Of Righteousness’

Conserves duality equally explicit

Consciousness living interwoven flesh

Truth imposes moral limits

Cast ominously long shadows

On-toward light contrasted darkness


And so, perceive evilous Hades

Yet, people see through channelled

Sight, on-path to brilliant light

Amidst sudden, darkened spaces

Earth reveals faith’s cosmic aura

As God looks from heaven

Angels and men towards rapture

Light devoured darkness, once again.


Always on, and about world anew

Real time: making obvious one, and only

One; there really is a golden

City, seraphim attend Mighty Ruler

‘This’ and ‘That’ man unquestionably

Born-in-her, our Father-Creator

Actually moved that mountain, quite

Some time ago; especially, in the tomb

Under king David’s seal – and then

‘Until Shiloh’ ; JAH-JAH spirit

‘Faithful and True,’ Is for real.