Satisfied her name was Makeda

Researched well; checked and double checked

But, the bible calls her Sheba

Who Solomon happened to disrespect

Arabs maintain her name is Belkis

From a long line of ancient obeah-men

Definitely ruled as candace

Way past bordering Yemen


David’s seed ruled Ethiopia

Also reigned as Rehoboam

Doubled Israel’s yoke much harder

Jehoiachin soon exiled Shusan

Jesus came from same root, and branch

Fulfilled those ancient prophecy

Stricken pharisees appeared to blanch

Whenever Christ make testimony


‘There will be wars, and rumors of war

At the time of his future coming,’

Situations we’ve seen twice before

He was there – witnessed everything

Kids have had children, regularly

Seen that particular one done

Religion has turned infamy

A sign: our battle is won


‘He shall have a new name,’ it said

And we shall be singing a new song

Judgment: wicked, terrible and dread

Trodding the winepress much too long

Same who hallowed burning, green bush

And, in EliJAH deathly still breeze

A good few times, at a push

Between a murderer, and a thief.