Conquer Death:

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Mystic clouds infiltrate centre stage

Considered two thousand years on

Such coincidences are real

In potent time; chronology ensures

Creation definitely exists

As far, as conscious thinking permits

Einstein confirmed fate’s disruptive

Influence tainted evolution


So, calculate an initial

Source: relate theory, per se

Antimatter collides, hence: positive reaction

An everlasting breeze – Faith’s rippled

Spatial time continuum spews

Gravitational vibrations

Ceaselessly active in four dimensions

Past – present and future cede Einstein’s fourth


History reels congested memories

Neatly classified chaptered volumes

Cold-package detailed psychic reams

Whose stitches vanish without healing

Fingertips away from mere touch

Virulent dates scan horizons

Warm tears, hidden from prying eyes

Scorch acid trails down long faces


Those painful stabs drawing out aches

Entice flash thoughts; instantly faded

Death is actually a good friend

We hate and despise it, same way

Yes!  Souls cry invisible tears

Beseech Reaper wield scythe’s swing

Concealed agonies beg Hell’s sting

‘ …. will want to be dead ….’ prophecy said.


Courage decidedly holds on

Pain-barrier-signal passed numbed

Twinges throbbing sweet undulations

Sleep intervenes, unleashed dreams

Tied as string-lined ‘h’istory’s role

Punctuated with rites of passage

And who we are destined to leave

Behind; yes! ‘ …. those of us who remain ….’


Eternal life, God’s gift for Christ

Bestows power succinctly divine

Hope explodes-open Heaven’s door

Flesh is, but humanist design

Jesus challenged science openly

‘ …. before Abraham was, I AM ….’

Rendered their mouths aghast, dumbfounded

Of course – we know, ‘ ….there from The Beginning …. ‘





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Let us travel worldwide

Little affording over five minutes

Or so, to do it.

Float over a minimized globe

Virtual uncaring for life’s habituates

Horrendously synchronised status ladders

Perpetuate classified ruling incongruents

Soiled unity accompanies

Merchants of doom

Fleecing an unwary populace


Heartless ‘insufferance’ dogs a trail

Littered, with: greedy self-importants

Systematic manipulation, and deception

Singularly, individuals piece

Continents – exaggeratingly underplayed

In cake-sharing mode

Personal simple-minded characteristics

Nurse-maid and ‘hypocondriase’ their own

Mimicking ingrained nepotistic prototypes

Infused through electro-magnetic time zones

Mammon’s triumph cites affluence rejoicing

As one epitomises power, born to adorn

Elitist stereotypes who consolidate wealth

Gorged on recriminations of Capitalism

Bastion of all Babylon represents


Fate’s overpopulated oyster this

Entire has unquestionably become

Faded from unrealised ruins of Carthage

Set in the heart of Rome

An extinguished, failed sun

harboured pagan figureheads

Incriminating Baal’s invisible pantheon

Cursed with insidious crowns

Glossed, to a point of obscurity

Hierarchical vibrations run, and control

Calculated induction of all that is


So!  This is what mother Earth

Unerringly descended to

Circulated emanations of silent cruelty

Her guardians deflowered virginal

Beauty notwithstanding serene innocence

Companions of hate and ‘surreptition’

Peal flesh from defenceless

Seasons of trusting support systems

Demons continue stalking dry plains

Once verdant with myriad

Fruit-bearing trees ‘pockled’ with life






That New Beginning:

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Myriad clouds descend Olympus

Sequinned affiliates’ patriotic

Departure worldwide ; individual journey’s

Destination – pseudo heights – float down

Flowing over elevated gods’

Glorious stratospheric homage.


What-a-way London captivate

Universally acclaimed attention

Centre of mindful meditation

Fly-Mo’s golden spurred endurance

Cushioned Lightning Bolt’s abridged

Collaboration; oozing virile entertainment


Woman came of age; destroyed barriers

Earmarked futile male superiority

Britannia excelled: ‘Her’ blood entwined

Equus; claimed silver accolade

Bestowed by Princess Royale

Embalming – for History’s sake – her granddaughter

…. and Nicola’s floating butterflies

Stung ultra-resistant bees


Providence foretells future memories

Written in stone; we wont forget

Olympia nonchalantly melted

Into thin air tainted with legacy talk

Was never really here after it has gone.

Sacrificed To Molech And Ashtoreth:

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He decided to do what seems right

Focussed on helpless unborn babes

Under lock-down, blamed for their mother’s slight

Innocents should always be saved

Gone up – in my humble estimation

Obviously, he’s found his hidden heart

A leader who absolves consternation

Deserves respect, and a fresh start.


War is described as a marauding black

horse, in John’s ‘Revelation’.

Syrian youth, locked in a malaise of

indefensible violence, will understand

colour black’s significance, in relation

to mental voids, experienced under

constantly bombed hazardous ground

battles; conducted by dark – see black – minded

rival militia intent on taking life.


I wonder how mother Ocean feels?

She’s claimed so many innocent lives

lately.  Children’s screams rise; inside my

disbelieving numbed skull peals.  Difficult to

even imagine exactly, what those

people are fleeing from.  Probably something

incredibly terrible, to; make them jump

straight down below bottomless waves,

guilty of accumulated genocide


So, they franticly board unsafe sea-going

vessels, trusting to elements conducive to

certain death.  With hegemonic coercion

reinforced, by familial hierarchical structures,

children are characteristic’ly born as

ocean sacrifices, without an optional escape clause;

drowned in a million miles of salt water.










Thinking About Sarah; without success

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And what a time for a silent

Rendezvous?  Eating chips whilst

Celebrating some inaugural daily

Event: “and today is National

Have A Shit Day!”  Everyone will

Hang a spare piece of toilet

Roll from their skylight window

And, for those surreptitious

Nobbs, they can use their newly installed

Velux, at the top of the house


Shoppers with long faces and

Bulging denim crotches, both

Male and female; scurrying along

Searching for expensive-looking

Cheap bargains; not having much

Money, some are content to buy

Morrison-brand beans, for

Thirteen pence.  Those self-conscious

Social climbers are shrewd enough

Tearing labels off, pretending

They were bought new, and expensive


Selling their souls to contrived

Advertisements and dreaming of

Kline, or Gucci; well Nokia’s

Alright but I’d prefer to inject

My ego with a Siemen boost

Making sure it’s well charged

Why not try drinking milk and

Eating fresh fruit?  You are

So obsessive, my guess is, she’ll

Likely enough become pregnant


Winter’s Swan Song:

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February’s cold breeze blows, once more

Freeze frames winter’s ominous flight

Rushes through blight’s hazardous roar

Watch out, those cutting winds do bite

Sun shines toothless, bright, glossy rays

Sparkled streams nourish yellowed grass

Blades; alighted in cold-shift sprays

Stiffened rakes shoulder dark impasse


See those tall, gnarled up, leafless trees

Many look like they’re on last legs

Roots suck moisture as earth’s squeeze

Compacts tightened ground’s curdled dregs

Come spring, they’ll be bristling life

Emerald green pockles pretty buds

Hurtled over frost’s seasoned knife

Loosened turf turns softened mud


Don’t forget invisible ice

Black sheen impossible to see

Whipped speed resembles cockatrice

Fallen victims nurse grated knees

Water carries power of death

Measures limited exposure

Pneumonia swiftly injects

Calibrated total seizure


Woe betide fate’s dismal solstice

Precursor implores hidden sleep

Envisage pain-grasping poultice

Slow-draws poison from winter’s keep

On toward time’s final swan song

Snow coated paths pervade our lives

Gives an impression nothing is wrong

Hibernate your way, to survive


Party Freefall:

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Put on pink dungarees today

Didn’t feel weird at all

Used to be red but that drained away

Bleach made high-pink belle of the ball

Alcohol generously flows

Straps repeatedly fall loose

Often naked underneath shows

Without conceivable excuse


People say: distinct mode of dress

Attracts unwanted attention

Easily feigns under duress

Simplest sublime seduction

They’re drawn to every move

Like magnets’ polar opposites

Friction lubricates hidden grooves

Absentmindedly complicit


Seen in such a permissive way

Exposure soon humiliates

Behaviour augured sex-play

Frequently tends to instigate

Adrenaline races quickly

Hands trawl open inviting flaps

Cold shudders entire body

Fingers teeter illicit cracks


Champagne rains boisterous affair

Frigid souls lose inhibition

Remove tight-fitting slinky wear

Compromise obscene positions

Naively stretching over groups

Oiled left-buttock slips into view

Caught in a frenzied raucous loop

Digits maraud bare flesh, on cue


Many, under drink’s influence

Engage dynamic free-for-all

Consented action – no conscience

Involve seething collective sprawl

Personalities duly phased

May well be strangers in harness

Intoxicated, acting crazed

A hideous immoral mess

Sand Dial’s Bird:

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Her heart, thrilled-wantonly agape

Bubbles, refreshingly colourful

Aesthetic’ly sound hour-glass shape

Incredible body beautiful

A wife for all seasons, and time

Gentlemen more than just kill for

Rule serene any bles-sed rhyme

Beauty’s beast is her creator


Fate’s mystic opportunities

Unforgivably, went begging

Financial creativities

Take precedence; deadened heart’s string

Selfish – byword for indulgent

Self-gratuity laid on thick

As conscience binding; sweet payment

Amounted to no more than cheap trick


Things hadn’t been going easy

Loved ones accidently mistreated

At times; so unexpectedly busy

Vibes became extremely heated

Family shrines drifted away, abrupt

Left stunned!  Wondering what happened

Slightly tinged regret eating up

Nature’s genuine flight pattern.


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