Her heart, thrilled-wantonly agape

Bubbles, refreshingly colourful

Aesthetic’ly sound hour-glass shape

Incredible body beautiful

A wife for all seasons, and time

Gentlemen more than just kill for

Rule serene any bles-sed rhyme

Beauty’s beast is her creator


Fate’s mystic opportunities

Unforgivably, went begging

Financial creativities

Take precedence; deadened heart’s string

Selfish – byword for indulgent

Self-gratuity laid on thick

As conscience binding; sweet payment

Amounted to no more than cheap trick


Things hadn’t been going easy

Loved ones accidently mistreated

At times; so unexpectedly busy

Vibes became extremely heated

Family shrines drifted away, abrupt

Left stunned!  Wondering what happened

Slightly tinged regret eating up

Nature’s genuine flight pattern.