He decided to do what seems right

Focussed on helpless unborn babes

Under lock-down, blamed for their mother’s slight

Innocents should always be saved

Gone up – in my humble estimation

Obviously, he’s found his hidden heart

A leader who absolves consternation

Deserves respect, and a fresh start.


War is described as a marauding black

horse, in John’s ‘Revelation’.

Syrian youth, locked in a malaise of

indefensible violence, will understand

colour black’s significance, in relation

to mental voids, experienced under

constantly bombed hazardous ground

battles; conducted by dark – see black – minded

rival militia intent on taking life.


I wonder how mother Ocean feels?

She’s claimed so many innocent lives

lately.  Children’s screams rise; inside my

disbelieving numbed skull peals.  Difficult to

even imagine exactly, what those

people are fleeing from.  Probably something

incredibly terrible, to; make them jump

straight down below bottomless waves,

guilty of accumulated genocide


So, they franticly board unsafe sea-going

vessels, trusting to elements conducive to

certain death.  With hegemonic coercion

reinforced, by familial hierarchical structures,

children are characteristic’ly born as

ocean sacrifices, without an optional escape clause;

drowned in a million miles of salt water.