Myriad clouds descend Olympus

Sequinned affiliates’ patriotic

Departure worldwide ; individual journey’s

Destination – pseudo heights – float down

Flowing over elevated gods’

Glorious stratospheric homage.


What-a-way London captivate

Universally acclaimed attention

Centre of mindful meditation

Fly-Mo’s golden spurred endurance

Cushioned Lightning Bolt’s abridged

Collaboration; oozing virile entertainment


Woman came of age; destroyed barriers

Earmarked futile male superiority

Britannia excelled: ‘Her’ blood entwined

Equus; claimed silver accolade

Bestowed by Princess Royale

Embalming – for History’s sake – her granddaughter

…. and Nicola’s floating butterflies

Stung ultra-resistant bees


Providence foretells future memories

Written in stone; we wont forget

Olympia nonchalantly melted

Into thin air tainted with legacy talk

Was never really here after it has gone.