Let us travel worldwide

Little affording over five minutes

Or so, to do it.

Float over a minimized globe

Virtual uncaring for life’s habituates

Horrendously synchronised status ladders

Perpetuate classified ruling incongruents

Soiled unity accompanies

Merchants of doom

Fleecing an unwary populace


Heartless ‘insufferance’ dogs a trail

Littered, with: greedy self-importants

Systematic manipulation, and deception

Singularly, individuals piece

Continents – exaggeratingly underplayed

In cake-sharing mode

Personal simple-minded characteristics

Nurse-maid and ‘hypocondriase’ their own

Mimicking ingrained nepotistic prototypes

Infused through electro-magnetic time zones

Mammon’s triumph cites affluence rejoicing

As one epitomises power, born to adorn

Elitist stereotypes who consolidate wealth

Gorged on recriminations of Capitalism

Bastion of all Babylon represents


Fate’s overpopulated oyster this

Entire has unquestionably become

Faded from unrealised ruins of Carthage

Set in the heart of Rome

An extinguished, failed sun

harboured pagan figureheads

Incriminating Baal’s invisible pantheon

Cursed with insidious crowns

Glossed, to a point of obscurity

Hierarchical vibrations run, and control

Calculated induction of all that is


So!  This is what mother Earth

Unerringly descended to

Circulated emanations of silent cruelty

Her guardians deflowered virginal

Beauty notwithstanding serene innocence

Companions of hate and ‘surreptition’

Peal flesh from defenceless

Seasons of trusting support systems

Demons continue stalking dry plains

Once verdant with myriad

Fruit-bearing trees ‘pockled’ with life