Silent Butterfly floating high

Time must come for tide to rest

Shone so bright – lit up dark skies

Flash your swift wings onto conquest

Many stars adorn Creation

But our Son sweeps very clean

His, a true manifestation

Of Righteousness locked within


Race had always been a barrier

Pigeon-holed in poverty’s box

Problems to which we had no answer

Champ’s cunning equalled that of fox

Regally crowned fittest of kings

How he challenged oppressive systems

Power and glory it naturally brings

Twice, ‘and’ again, wore First diadem.


That’s why black is always beautiful

Coz Ali actually made it so

Lessons we learnt set great example

Built with pretty girls lined in row

The Word offers instant restitution

We witnessed it on our tv screen

Faith is – ultimately – stronger than religion

Love will always intervene