The England game was sweetly frustrating; Russia hung on for dear life and, in so doing, extracted the greatest reward – a last minute equalizer.  I was disappointed with Hodgson’s team selection, because Wilshere walks into any international eleven, he’s that kind of player.  Also, great as Harry Kane is and contrary to what he believes – regardless of how many phenomenal goals scored – Harry Kane is not the finished article, he’s not clinical enough.  Mr Rooney, as usual, subtly and sublimely ran the show – he’s the undoubted brains of the English operation.  Rooney was majestic and indomitable, taking him off was a sad mistake; England frittered at the seams and lost all sense of progressive coherence.  Oh yes, the performance was laudable and totally commendable but the result took that beautiful edge, that England deserved, off it.

England will qualify as group winners, I am totally convinced but, it can all go awry if Hodgson repeats the sad mistakes of the Belgium manager, and fields the wrong team.  The country will get off Wayne Rooney’s back now, because they’ve finally realised he’s been England’s best player, and for some time now.  I go as far, as to say: ” It’s Rooney’s team and he makes it tick, as a complete unit.”  The Wales game is not such a foreboding prospect; it’s the same Gareth Bale who played for Spurs, not so long ago.  So What?  He’s joined the Galacticos, and rubs shoulders with CR7.  What’s the big deal?  Rooney made a vast percentage of Christiano’s goals, at Manchester United.  Actually helping Ronaldo on his way to greatness and universal stardom.  The thing is: Rooney is rated a lot more highly abroad, than he is in his own country but, anyone who knows football – from a very young age – will know, Wazza is easily England’s best player; he has been for the last ten years.

Those idiots who tarnish the image of ‘the beautiful game,’ should be seen and recognised for what they are: brainless, mindless fools intent on self-degradation.  The fact that they are allowed to leave: Russia, and England, calls into question the security forces and the measures they employ.  Those fools probably don’t even watch the game when play commences.  They are the Devil’s spawn, driven by hatred and malice, and should be banished from the company of decent-living true football supporters.  The festival will be ruined, if these fools continue to be allowed to attack and abuse true supporters.  Maybe if England had football drop-ins, and met the real fans in conference, it would empower the real fans to expose and eject those fools from the host of admirers, who truly love England and football.  Something must be done because football is too good, to be trashed like it is being.