Watched you grow – and how well so

Distinctive curves invoke tight spaces

Illicit, deft smiles lined single file

Sweetest pleasures mount cleft faces

Secretly brimmed, scented surfaces skimmed

Coquettish attraction pulling raucous attention

Scrutinize slants through monocled glance

Pitted between beguiling condescension


Time is cruel, guised under yesterday’s rule

Still you glide in arrogant beauty

High-loaded spools, your benign footstools

Picture real lessons in ambiguity

Cherry-red lips match glinting fingertips

Cheeks bewitchingly waddle side, to side

Endless pins sport crisp voluptuous strips

Undeniable allure mounts shameless strides


Wolf-whistles increase body-swayed release

Lewd comments turning pallid air blue

Sly mental beasts converge sweat-filled pleats

Enough to make grown men’s bulges continue

Ceaselessly hounded, piercing goggle-eyes astounded

Hypnotized minions visibly controlled

Symmetrically pert and rounded; dazzled minds confounded

Every move scolds each startled-faced troll


Expensive cameras drool; wielded by desensitized fool

Each pose extracts sharp inhalations

Elite magazines’ mule, their collateral tool

Brainwashed to commit personalized starvation

Their idolized source; a virtual clothes horse

Ferried in private jets to idyllic sunspots

Nature’s sexual force exhibits no remorse

This vision of heaven’s glory is truly: hot, hot, hot.