So many strange things have happened

Impossible to know where to begin

Clear skies have prematurely darkened

Politicians flit around like headless chicken

This new world has quickly unravelled

Eastern comglomerates are poised

To inject strong money, coupled

With populations densely roused


Hence: a global continuum

Swiftly opened like melted cheese

Competition, fierce as rugby scrum

Slowly applies an unhealthy squeeze

Europeans soon made their mark

Regenerating inner cities

Daily congregating in local parks

Overcrowding social amenities


The government is in perplexed meltdown

Ministers stab each other in the back

A shameless squabble to wear PM’s crown

Corbin perpetually under attack

Brexit has changed nothing, as yet

Opportunists slyly sharpen their axe

Now we know Blair’s unholy secret

M.I.5. can’t paper over the cracks


There will always be a price to pay

When people try to manipulate History

Whatever they attempt today

Derides any future legacy

Those two sides of religious falsehood

Decried through open exposure

Result in absolutely no good

And a deep fissure in mankind’s future