Put on me Sharma, and some white pants to celebrate HIM on the 23rd. July, 2016.  Look resplendent in my whites and like a real Itiopian, trust me. ‘Pon the road, a bwoy say to me:

‘ I didn’t know you was Muslim!’

‘ I’m not,’ I replied.

‘Then why you wearing Muslim clothes?’

I kept cool. even though the man was attempting to dis me.  So, I challenged the bwoy.

‘So Muslim people have a monopoly on what people wear then? Because I have on ancient Itiopian clothes, and the Bible say Ethiopia was always here, from the beginning of time.  I’m sure Islam only started in the 7. century Ad.  Besides, you are supposed to be worshipping the same God, as the Jews and the Christians, aren’t you?

All of a sudden, he seemed lost.

‘Isn’t AllahluJah a lengthened form of your name for God, Muslim man?’

The man seemed close to having a fit, all of a sudden. He also became struck dumb, saying absolutely nothing.

‘Anyway, to be sure of respect for all faiths: we should all use a name that is acceptable and most becoming to all of us, when we are together.  Muslim man, I hope you’re listening because your selfishness – in religion – seems to know no bounds whatsoever and I know Almighty God holds no truck, or allegiance with selfish people.  So what we’ll do, Muslim man, is call and refer to God as Righteousness Himself.  Is that ok for you Muslim man?  Are you praising Righteousness – the God of Abraham – like the Jews, the Christians, not forgetting the RastafarI?’

My bwoy seemed perplexed, perturbed and unsure of himself, so I left him to his selfish devices and carried on praising my JAH on HIM special day.  Abraham taught Ishmael, his first son, the ways of Almighty God.  Ishmael is the father of Islam so therefore, he was taught to praise the same God as Isaac – his younger brother – who was the father of the Jews.  It seems undeniably probable Ishmael and Isaac worship the same God, who is also worshiped by Muslim and Jew alike.  Melchizedek made plain the fact he worshiped Abraham’s God and provided us with HIM name: El Elyon who is Righteousness Himself.  So blessed be The Most High God of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, JAH The living God, Lord of Hosts, The Lord Our Righteousness, The Lord Our Holiness.