Jouvert Morn:

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They tell us slavery’s over

Not, that our future has been sold

We are african diaspora

Scatterred all over the world

Granted collateral release

Generations sojourn right here

Disappear like passing breeze

Carnival memories come to bear


Sounds peal loud, early morn

Song – with dance – take over the street

Young and old wake-up before dawn

Everyone attuned to the beat

Music bawd; tearing down bacchanal

Crotch wedge, a’ light-up batty-crease

Tune punging; sluiced-up pre-sexual

Jammed tight, exaggerating the squeeze


Jouvert well rude this year

Girls wear pyjama, some nightie

A’ work-up so hard intentions clear

Determined to shake-down poor Blighty

It’s actually a cultural mark

Designed to preserve our heritage

Light devours while overcoming dark

– Internalize an old adage


That’s why we all awake first thing

From early age living life’s dream

Harvest before winter; all that bring

Diverse forms of revenue stream

Wind round waking people out their bed

Make play, for afternoon parade

Back to sleep – music in you’ head

Jump up for daytime escapade



Hard Times:

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So carnival come again; time to drink-up and go wild Jouvert morn, with your best friend.  Be sure to wake-up for the parade, with all the sight-seeing reminiscing of people who with, once ago, you played.  Since life moved on, over those lost and buried years, thinking where’s it all gone and – once again – shedding those obligatory tears.  Remember carnival’s purpose, like diabetic’s insulin shot to store glucose, winter is around the corner and it’s your last shot to garner, proprietary supplies before cold weather comes in and all hope and aspirations die.  We have to lockdown until frost and snow clears and we prepare, once again, for next year.  Broken lives abjectly surrender to hopeless similitudes, lacking chanced respite to gain much needed sustenance.  Depleted minds yearn release from hopeless catch-twenty-two positional futility.  Children gnaw dried fruit kernels, drinking sluiced sugar-boiled bark (Mauby) spliced with daffodil-flavoured nettle tea.  Hunger offers scant relief; assuring young destitute minds feelings underwrite certainty, giving thanks, simply, for being alive.  Animals receive no surety, yet they eat expectant bellies full, until sated; protection is – obviously – a way of life, nature insuring prolonged security unto life’s aggregated course of fulfillment, with added strife.  Each specie retains obligation to safeguard personal responsibility – stockpiling and storing – for hibernation and, nepotistic incumbents reliant on blood ties – thicker than water – even amongst animals and survival’s lies; not to mention personal contracts steeped in surreptitude and deception.  Of course it’s a long haul, especially for the young and the small but nothing, compared to the wily aspirations of those whose heads are in a spin, faced with beguiling consternation, wracked with doubt and pain held silently dark and, deep within.


It Was All A Dream: Rio 2016.

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Sweet Rio housed Olympia

Man’s heaven proposed as new world

Players exhibit composure

In their quest for heroic gold

Sport’s giants made immovable marks

Phelps really became Aquaman

Sped through water like Neptune’s fork

He will never be forgotten

To induce athletic fervour

Audience participate screams

Thought-filled effort matched endeavor

Superstars relinquished psychic dreams

Lightning struck thrice – for the third time

Boldly leading whilst Mo followed

Stories made of legend – in rhyme

Yield tales that are hard to swallow

An ethereal cloud comes down

Memory fades as usual

Reality pales into sound

Aeroplanes connect dispersal


It was a sequential dream-like experience; always is, if you think rightly.  Brazil is the completion of the european dominated globe – this fact actually passes over us.  I can never forget Darwin’s report, of a: physically huge slave who had been made imbecilic and docile because of the tactics and treatment the slavedrivers employed, to condition the africans in line with european thinking.  We are now witnessing the completed civilisation ethic, of those marauding inhuman european empires, particulary The Holy Roman Empire.  Brazil hasn’t done too badly, at all, in its quest for first-world credibility.  And, it is far more advanced in cultural and racial assimilation, than anywhere else on planet earth.  The quest for perfection and a new worldly solution remains the goal, whilst; The Olympic Movement continues to lead the way, towards: peace, harmony, social integration and a united world.  Will we ever get there?  Only JAH-JAH know, and a good percentage of the world is now atheist, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to arrive at that particular destination.



Marcus Mosiah:

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Hear this!  And just call HIM name

Christ told Us in no uncertain terms

‘Power Of The Trinity’ is The Same

That’s why RastaFarI stand firm

Born on the cusp – Lion Of Judah

David’s seed, lined through Solomon

Confuse any astrologer

God, over realms of superstition


Prophecy a’ JAH-JAH science

Turns around in the blink of an eye

Reversed hellish confluence

Brought Christ to earth; out of sky

Hark!  Loud voice echoes ancient time

Cried – baying beyond aged wilderness

Emancipation – back then – a crime

Progress denied and well down-pressed


That’s why they always say, ‘poor Marcus ….’

Even now people do not believe

Psalm sixty-eight; definite sus

Too much for pagan-mind to conceive

‘ … this and that man was born in her ….’

Psalm eighty-seven allows no talk

Obviously, Jesus is one – who is the other

Father works manifest in man – and walk


‘Look to Africa: a black king

Will be crowned for Our salvation,’

So RastaFarI always sing

To redeem slavery’s nation

They wrote the book and made it gospel

Revelation five is God’s truth

Them g’wine end up in hospital

When this truth revealed to the youth


Ancient order Melchizedek

Curiously named: EL ELYON

Africa’s messiah – no secret

Saw HIM unleash Armageddon

Poor Dawkins will blow a gasket

‘Fraid … for wrath of JAH winepress

Probably wearing a basket

When Bible prophesy: The Highest.


Back then, everyone was so afraid of that demon: Hitler.  Made even more sense when he joined – in league – with that devil Mussolini who, in turn, had regular audience with pope Paul.  The Revelation is not very difficult to decipher, especially when it’s happening in your face; so those devils, demons and jinni slowly became aware of their impending fate.  That last picture of Hitler – outside the bunker – speaks volumes about his state of mind, remember; prophecy says ‘Judah shall have his hand in the neck of his enemies….’  The Armageddon had started and, prematurely claimed to be over by the allies.  The Bible is, what it is and from before Abraham; it is true and living ‘h’istory, far removed from the imperial type we are brainwashed with from an early age.  Of course Noah’s children were black, from them descended all races; Imperial History will brainwash us with something materially different.  That’s why it’s important to remember Caxton’s printing press, to remind Us: the original transcripts would – obviously, be nearer to the truth.



Counting The Money:

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Down below Sugarloaf mountain

Olympus succinctly returns

Sport’s elite effervescent fountain

Exceeds – in cycle – whilst flame burns

Nations, hogspewing sheer turmoil

Comply with seedlings ‘pon order

Superfit athletes bred on home soil

Assail eternity’s border


Dominant personalities

Copiously thrusting to fore

Lightning Bolt aroused anxieties

Ardent supporters hope for more

Bias denies further seepage

Expose other cheats – amid concern

Still, Russia’s toxic heritage

Dwarfs stars’ orbit round five-ringed sun


With gargantuan achievment

Phelps’ shadow cast prosperity

Powered beyond life’s element

Receives quaint immortality

States’ shape-shifting amphibian

Gold his habitual reward

Oh yes!  The boy’s all-american

Concedes nothing – and fights so hard


King Cash hails global audience

Communications seethe billions

Industry gushing abundance

The B.B.C. riding pillion

Clouded in steep controversy

Certain to bemuse the ancients

Surely an embarassed I.O.C.

Need to impute a new advent


Why Allow Cheats to Prosper?

The Olympics claim pride of place, with stupendous elitist prestige.  Brazil 2016. continues to fester so many negative variables, no matter how much window-dressing BBC comentators pursue; it’s hard to reconcile Brazil 2016. with the spirit of Olympic grace and diligent competition, which we have become addictively used to.  The cheats are relentless; refusing to defer from a recognised gateway to fame and considerable riches.  We all know Russia’s unforgivable sin but, the Kenyan official who posed as a competitor, to cheat the detection system – on behalf of said competitor – shows how deeply, desperately and cynicly beyond reason the despicable cheats have become.  There is a straightforward solution, and Seb Coe shouldn’t shirk when it comes to making the right decision.  Those callous and unrighteous deceivers should be banned for life; and, without any explanatory apology.

Talking To Keats’ “SOLITUDE”:

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It’s actually quite natural

Do it all the time, to be honest

Maybe something superficial

Relates schizophrenic contest

Although, JAH seems to Be: present

Apparently talk to myself

Conversation is energy spent

Perhaps I really do need help


Happens, only when I’m alone

Mind perplexed and insecure

Perched on an imaginary throne

Strangely vigilant and cocksure


Anarchy dictates fervent minds

Renders senses totally blind


“SOLITUDE,” is a beautiful poem; Keats communicates silent reflection, leaving his reader in no doubt, he is alone.  Nature takes precedence, with the poet content as a supporting act, in this; scene of candid waywardness.  The intellect is representative of the poet’s image of self, a joy to be aware of: personality, freedom of choice and the individuality such freedoms bequeath.  Yet, with the almost imaginary comforts of Nature’s remonstrance, comes the highest form of Being, an unfettered mind which allows the poet to controversially declare, he is not alone.  It is a truly wonderful sonnet which bestows unrequited pleasures, to the most diligent of enquiring minds.  This poignant study of nature, does much to allude the genius of John Keats.  Personalizing nature does very little to deny Keats’ closet belief in ‘Supernature,’ and an external force surplus to himself.  His ingenuity brings about this revelatory advent, in the very last line of the poem, leaving no thought, or ‘room’, for further inquiry; this statement of personal fact, the poet intimates, is not, in any circumstance, to be queried or, indeed, questioned.



O SOLITUDE! If I must with thee dwell

Let it not be among the jumbled heap

Of murky buildings; climb with me the steep, –

Nature’s observatory – whence the dell,

In flowery slopes, its river’s crystal swell,

May seem a span; let me thy vigils keep

‘Mongst boughs pavilioned, where the deer’s swift leap

Startles the wild bee from the foxglove bell.

But though I’ll gladly trace these scenes with thee,

Yet the sweet converse of an innocent mind

whose words are images of thoughts refined,

Is my soul’s pleasure; and it must be

Almost the highest bliss of humankind,

When to thy haunts two kindred spirits flee.





The Grass On The Other side:

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Sonnet: “O Solitude ….” by John Keats:


O solitude!  If I must with thee dwell,

Let it not be among the jumbled heap

Of murky buildings; climb with me the steep, –

Nature’s observatory – whence the dell

In flowery slopes, its river’s crystal swell

May seem a span; let me thy vigils keep

‘Mongst boughs pavilioned, where the deer’s swift leap

startles the wild bee from the foxglove bell

But though I’ll gladly trace these scenes with thee

Yet the sweet converse of an innocent mind,

Whose words are images of thought refined,

Is my soul’s pleasure; and it sure must be

Almost the highest bliss of human-kind

When to thy haunts two kindred spirits flee.


…… In a world rapidly descending into an abyss of fear and suspicion, people are overtly critical of neighbours as well, as friends and family.  Life has stringently become a necessary trial – trying to make ends meet, whilst ensuring children and dependants are adequately catered for; paid work has become a bye-word for life-support; unemployment is a curse no-one wants to endure because, the welfare service embodies an impenetrateable detection agency, refusing to acknowledge weak, helpless ‘obdurates’ who are in no position to work, or obtain employment.  Returnable mail no longer proffer those stamped-addressed envelopes which helped to offset, the added worry of finding the necessary fee for postage, to return those tedious questionnaires, aligned to welfare assistance, demanding truthful, precise information for benefit claims to be considered and, very rarely, successfully appeased; life on the breadline offers-not the slightest chance of state proffered loaves, or even the price of a teabag.  A new pair of shoes warrants ‘closer’ inspection – from neighbours – or even a noticeably new item of clothing.  Have-nots are obsessed with an intention of, preventing others – near at hand – from achieving for themselves; suffering must be shared and, by no means endured alone.


The worst anomaly of this supposed new world, is the despicable pretend-friend type, better known as a two-faced snake in the grass.  These decrepit, snake-like reprobates go to great lengths, to procure the friendship of gullible innocents, abusing them with merciless surreptitude, overlaid with beguiling deception.  The phrase ‘butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth,’ is obviously too good for those demons who are virtually imperceptible and nigh-on undetectable.  They bury themselves in time-worn assimilations of enduring friendship, waiting for their victims’ moment of extreme weakness, before revealing themselves to be fully-loaded adversaries.  One of their most heinous traits, is the pretence of religious values and, even more insidious, the claim to infallible trustworthiness.  How can anyone be so deeply flawed, and psychotically deranged?  You may ask yourself but, it is a new form of normality adopted by the very galling adversaries of essential humanism; they become terrorists and silent killers, employing instruments of cruelty and death, like: the gun and many dark arts of poison.  Many infiltrate and abuse government agencies and systems; sleeping malcontents in government and council employment, for years.  These seemingly benign malcontents pick and choose defenceless victims, who have no power of redress or even recourse to self-defensive mechanisms.  They use employment positions, in a personal capacity, to make life uncomfortable, and uncompromisingly so, for chosen dissenters who actually see through systematic cronyism; what chance have they got?


Of course, the government is responsible – it’s Cameron’s legacy – because they allow ordinary men and women to live and reside, amongst all too familiar people and personalities, who they are allowed to adjudicate over whilst simultaneously competing against them, in real life; they preside over life-affecting issues of basic survival while maintaining life’s simplistic rivalries.  These knife-wielding tin-pot officials use sleight of hand, front-desk versions of actual officialdom to dispossess and relegate victims.  Big brother has become too overbearingly interfering; meddling in the affairs of those who are situated too close to, or obviously below the recognised breadline.  We find poor indefinables landed with tax claims demanding upwards of a thousand pounds, when it is quite obvious they are unable to support, or actually feed themselves.  The system maliciously hounds and harass many, who have no answer to constantly proffered questionnaires and requests for crippling payments, which are quite clearly unobtainable.  The government must be made responsible because these revenue chargers and bill collectors are unvetted, given freedom of personal choice in selecting victims, whilst being surrogates to legal requirements which are plainly unsustainable.  The recognised means test is exactly that: a mean test forcing poverty traps on hapless victims, resulting in situations demanding: pay and starve or, eat and face judgment.  Many succumb and pay regular visits to food banks, others choose hell – and are damned – resorting to criminality and actions of sexual degradation, just to survive.  Council officials arrogantly club together, strutting around in the assurance of monthly government pay-checks, fully aware they are free and clear of the tribulation and travail which their victims have to repeatedly face.  They force legal precepts – through to the letter – fully aware they are not wholly, or satisfactorily applicable because, the recipients of these flawed judgments are in no way able to comply with their statutory demands.


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