Down below Sugarloaf mountain

Olympus succinctly returns

Sport’s elite effervescent fountain

Exceeds – in cycle – whilst flame burns

Nations, hogspewing sheer turmoil

Comply with seedlings ‘pon order

Superfit athletes bred on home soil

Assail eternity’s border


Dominant personalities

Copiously thrusting to fore

Lightning Bolt aroused anxieties

Ardent supporters hope for more

Bias denies further seepage

Expose other cheats – amid concern

Still, Russia’s toxic heritage

Dwarfs stars’ orbit round five-ringed sun


With gargantuan achievment

Phelps’ shadow cast prosperity

Powered beyond life’s element

Receives quaint immortality

States’ shape-shifting amphibian

Gold his habitual reward

Oh yes!  The boy’s all-american

Concedes nothing – and fights so hard


King Cash hails global audience

Communications seethe billions

Industry gushing abundance

The B.B.C. riding pillion

Clouded in steep controversy

Certain to bemuse the ancients

Surely an embarassed I.O.C.

Need to impute a new advent


Why Allow Cheats to Prosper?

The Olympics claim pride of place, with stupendous elitist prestige.  Brazil 2016. continues to fester so many negative variables, no matter how much window-dressing BBC comentators pursue; it’s hard to reconcile Brazil 2016. with the spirit of Olympic grace and diligent competition, which we have become addictively used to.  The cheats are relentless; refusing to defer from a recognised gateway to fame and considerable riches.  We all know Russia’s unforgivable sin but, the Kenyan official who posed as a competitor, to cheat the detection system – on behalf of said competitor – shows how deeply, desperately and cynicly beyond reason the despicable cheats have become.  There is a straightforward solution, and Seb Coe shouldn’t shirk when it comes to making the right decision.  Those callous and unrighteous deceivers should be banned for life; and, without any explanatory apology.