Hear this!  And just call HIM name

Christ told Us in no uncertain terms

‘Power Of The Trinity’ is The Same

That’s why RastaFarI stand firm

Born on the cusp – Lion Of Judah

David’s seed, lined through Solomon

Confuse any astrologer

God, over realms of superstition


Prophecy a’ JAH-JAH science

Turns around in the blink of an eye

Reversed hellish confluence

Brought Christ to earth; out of sky

Hark!  Loud voice echoes ancient time

Cried – baying beyond aged wilderness

Emancipation – back then – a crime

Progress denied and well down-pressed


That’s why they always say, ‘poor Marcus ….’

Even now people do not believe

Psalm sixty-eight; definite sus

Too much for pagan-mind to conceive

‘ … this and that man was born in her ….’

Psalm eighty-seven allows no talk

Obviously, Jesus is one – who is the other

Father works manifest in man – and walk


‘Look to Africa: a black king

Will be crowned for Our salvation,’

So RastaFarI always sing

To redeem slavery’s nation

They wrote the book and made it gospel

Revelation five is God’s truth

Them g’wine end up in hospital

When this truth revealed to the youth


Ancient order Melchizedek

Curiously named: EL ELYON

Africa’s messiah – no secret

Saw HIM unleash Armageddon

Poor Dawkins will blow a gasket

‘Fraid … for wrath of JAH winepress

Probably wearing a basket

When Bible prophesy: The Highest.


Back then, everyone was so afraid of that demon: Hitler.  Made even more sense when he joined – in league – with that devil Mussolini who, in turn, had regular audience with pope Paul.  The Revelation is not very difficult to decipher, especially when it’s happening in your face; so those devils, demons and jinni slowly became aware of their impending fate.  That last picture of Hitler – outside the bunker – speaks volumes about his state of mind, remember; prophecy says ‘Judah shall have his hand in the neck of his enemies….’  The Armageddon had started and, prematurely claimed to be over by the allies.  The Bible is, what it is and from before Abraham; it is true and living ‘h’istory, far removed from the imperial type we are brainwashed with from an early age.  Of course Noah’s children were black, from them descended all races; Imperial History will brainwash us with something materially different.  That’s why it’s important to remember Caxton’s printing press, to remind Us: the original transcripts would – obviously, be nearer to the truth.