Work exudes behavioural trust

Based on respectability

Stable personal lives is a must

To fall foul breeds instability

Group managers under spotlight

Reflect squeaky clean images

To condone what is right

Staff should secure against damages


Caught betwixt wicked conundrum

No choice but to break my pledges

Soon lost valid equilibrium

Became ragged at seamed edges

Such an uncompromising thing

Pitched normal process beyond sync

Risked all for proverbial fling

Quickly blamed curs’ed demon drink


Can’t believe it, was going so well

Stress had magically drained free

That vixen placed me under her spell

Held me at whim begging for mercy

The cat wasn’t away this time

Yet, still we proceeded to play

Was never about to resign

Total madness to go astray


She innocently asked for a lift

Her car was in the garage for tests

It seemed such a salacious gift

Human nature would endorse the rest

Everything happened so quickly

Could have stopped it but felt powerless

Her head was bobbing so sweetly

I was terrified she’d make a mess


A natural when making pretences

Between my marriage she drove a wedge

Lost track of simple common senses

Situation developed full fledge

Had to happen sooner, or later

When it did I audibly sobbed

She saw me cry living eye-water

When I realized I’d lost my job.