So, take a look; see how Earth runs

How all and sundry have their guns

Children play on the battlefield

Blood covers every soul, grace and yield

Lord!ย  How it really come to this

Show humankind how things gone amiss

The wicked are too out of order

Division presides ‘pon every corner

Chief protagonists are wearing horns

People pik’ney poison before them born

Please JAH-JAH, have mercy ‘pon them

Shower Us with peace and exult your name

Rid Us of malignant iniquity

‘Might And Power Of The Holy Trinity.’

‘Fore whom every tongue must confess

JAH-JAH, ‘Power Of Righteousness.’


Father-Creator of Living Truth

Son and Word manifested in youth

Intercede this world – for Us – and cleanse it

Innocent life gets taken every minute

Only you Lord can redeem our kind

Gift vision to those who are blind

In time of trouble we call your name

You assured Us we would be saved

Intercede for Us and cleanse our thoughts

Grant Us love and uplift our hearts

Rid Us of malignant iniquity

‘Might And Power Of The Holy Trinity,’

Praises to ‘The Lord Our Holiness,’

JAH-JAH: ‘Power Of Righteousness.’