I still feel light-headed; sure to miss breaths, pinching the tip of my tongue

Sometimes feel slightly shredded, break cold sweat

As if I’ve done something terribly wrong


Everything goes out the window

When she eventually arrives

Hesitates in adjoining corridors

Calculatingly bringing me down to size


My face pulls taught, ultra tight

Stupid body slowly stiffens up

Flashed teeth shining neon bright

Two hands clasp my voyeur’s cup


All’s well, she’s in the building

I’m pumped: full of wit, chirping sweet

Excited, as if peppered with bee stings

Mimicked hyperactive kids with plenty of treats


Exploited every viable trick

Holding hands is a dream of conscience

Acceptance always hastily quick

Grateful recipient of connived deference


I love her, but; I’m not in love

Obviously, wan’na get close to her

Hold and squeeze her like a glove

Ready – ready to weld and solder


Been a long time now – on the chase

Desperate to collect some booty

Soon catch my girl, have her in place

Rise up, and shine, showing off her beauty.


El Elyon of Judah:

To the chief musician of

The sons of Asaph

A psalm of praise


Light shone forth from His seat

As Word proceeded to Earth

Proclaimed His presence afloat

On the face of waters

Where – united – They meet


His tri-unified Self knows

Every-and-all things; within creation

Of His design

The world and all there-in

Bequeathed to humankind


Glory and praise to highest hymn

Laud and honour without question

Love divine’s blessed assurance JAH bring

Applauded by every nation

Ancient rock, who sustained us

After we rebelled in ignorance

Made us to call your name first

And be; shielded by your omnipotence


Glory, glory AllahluJAH

Bless your divine majesty

Our wise and wonderful Father

Most High: Power Of The Trinity