Seasoned drought awaits a miracle

Hard dried-earth cries blood, yearns release

Of course; its a natural cycle

Beholden between flighted geese

Aimlessly, fat clouds laze over

Invisible, yet there to be seen

Rain-filled bucket loads sleight, plunder

Frothy spray’s freshly vaporized steam


Away ‘cross depleted Savannah

Simba stalks every tired bleat

This thirst-driven hungry warrior

Randomly kills for food to eat

Allotted ruler of jungle

Purveyor of all he survey

Pack hunts, a wicked ensemble

Blind fear spooks bewildered prey


Written in stone: law of survival

Fittest of our fittest will win

Eats greens at gut-cleaning interval

Well renowned, and known as The King

‘… forth to conquer, his rod of steel

Swiftly cleaves with dignified edge

Posited via history’s reel

Source of inspirational knowledge


The Hidden Messiah:


Christ was prophesied by Malachi and named, ‘The Sun Of Righteousness,’ in flesh, becoming The Living Truth, he; actually told us, in no uncertain terms: ‘… before Abraham was, I Am ….’  Creation is post-ceded by The Word (Christ) proclaiming Light.  That is, The Son going forth from Father-Creator, as Living Word, the Truth.  There is a point beyond religion, where History is related to common everyday life, before records were kept.  The Bible references; JAH giving humankind a soul – his thinking mind – inside his brain, qualifying the metaphysical presence.  In so doing, Father made humankind rulers of His creation.  The angels are humankind, filled with The Spirit of Almighty God (JAH), invested in earth – literal flesh – to fulfil JAH-JAH will.  In Habakkuk’s vision, the angel testifies, of; having travelled from a different time in history, to visit the prophet.  Again, in Daniel, the angel said he travelled away from confrontation with Alexander, to visit Daniel and declare the glory of The God Of Israel, amongst the Persians.