Look how Brexit complete Fawkey’s job

Split Babylon and mash-up Parliament

Darling Cameron no-longer heart throb

Social put bomb under sentiment

A most incredible coup

Boris maintained his Indian sign

Blitheringly slight misconstrue

Unlocked conjugal financial bind

Well opposed to multiculture

Dissent surfaces as violence

Those fools relinquish the future

Writ empire’s final condolence


‘Ballers rebuilt Our Caribbean

Nurses came from many colonies

kick-start modern revolution

Stabilize island economy

Come-on!  Europe ain’t bigger than world

Its nothing like it was before

Brazil, China – India enfold

Ancient Elizabeth holds the floor


Your reality’s sorely twisted

Music is Jamaica’s currency

Seashore tourism’s top listed

Lightning Bolt’s sporting legacy

British people export very well

War and terror serves no purpose

Common sense break religious spell

‘Go before us JAH-JAH, go before us


Molyneux Project frank Britain’s yield

King George head still ‘pon red post box

Roman church shadow built-up cane field

That’s why Rastaman grow dreadlocks

I wasn’t christened catholic

Mom’s family always claim Anglican

Many practise apostolic

She always called Moravian


Balthazar’s Faith / Trust:


The kings had followed the constantly flashing star, for an extended amount of time now, the; damn thing was actually, a four-hundred and thirty year-old comet.  It seemed to have stabilized, over the Jewish settlement in the distance.  Balthazar began to dream recriminations, delving avenues of fruitless search.  They camped until dusk, calculating to make entry at the appointed time.  The Egyptians had looked to Osiris and his son Horus, in a mistaken foray into materiality; Osiris is Ba’al and Horus is Sin.  Moses declared, ‘The Almighty God Of Hosts (JAH) who presided, not in the sky but, on earth with his children.  The kings knew the heavens aligned on the twenty-third of July, European time.  The constellations corresponding when Cancer and LEO overlap; the crab of Judah with the regal lion constellations.  Balthazar knew it was imperative, God’s Son would be born ‘through the eye of a needle,’ as: The Conquering Lion, from the tribe of Judah.  They entered the stable, where Christ lay in a manger.