We’re in our twenty-first century

Geographical parameters

Augur change, like continental plates

Europe is besieged by refugees

World peace absolutely teeters

Hovers on brink of devils’ estates

Society degenerated

Into one big lottery ticket

TV., somehow infatuated

Screens debilitating politics

Death is every day’s factual life

Someone, surely, must find solutions

Please explain this to World and his wife

Toothless tigers run United Nations

Assad courts his crass, bullying friend

Mr Vladimir, king of Russia

Imagine, untold hours they spend

Mercilessly bombing Syria

Innocent lives recklessly butchered

Cause even Hell’s hardest hearts to weep

Those wicked killers should be neutered

I know God’s watching, He never sleeps


The wickedness That is Humanity:


It’s hard to imagine young children playing on the battlefield but, that is exactly what is happening, in; Syria and large parts of Iraq.  My heart shrivelled, when I heard the testimony of a Yazidi woman, who had been held captive by that insidious organisation called Daesh but had, mercifully, managed to escape.  She gave a despicable report, of how these supposed defenders of religion, raped and abused hopelessly defenceless women – some of the still children – with impunity and without fear of justified retribution.  My heart went out to this woman because she revealed horrid insight which, although true, no one in their right mind would want to, honestly, share with others.  The injustices being perpetrated, in the name of God and, in some cases, regimes of reputed sovereign democratic states, brings humanity to a level of living inexcusable shame.  The United Nations is a virtually failed organisation, that seems to idly sit and watch the suffering, of: women, children, aged and defenceless have to endure.  Russia and America are well at ease, waging destructive war on other people’s territories; spreading death and destruction in places, where the youngest of children have no recourse, to safety.  Even more insidious, are the terrorists, who: bomb, kill imprison and abuse ordinary citizens, of the world, in the name of a god, who has nothing to do with Almighty God (JAH).  They rape, abuse, kill and despoil the poor defenceless of this world.  How can that sort of behaviour have anything to do with, or bear any form of relation to The True And Living God?